Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi

Some cities in the world, particularly gems of the United Arab Emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, could do well to remember that by designing the majority of their infrastructure around the luxury market, they scare off potential visitors who are working to a smaller budget. After all, while everyone can enjoy the spectacular architecture and style of some of the most notable hotels in this region, room rates that don’t even begin in the lower hundred dollar range are always quick to convince the budget traveller that these areas aren’t for them.

Luckily, some sense of the normal traveller has remained in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. While much of the region is indeed dedicated to luxury accommodation, a little time and thought has been spared for those who don’t have money to burn – and a decent mid-range market has be continued. Abu Dhabi itself is not a particularly expensive place to visit, though one can understand why average hotel prices would give such an impression. However, thankfully, some hotels are perfectly suitable for the budget traveller; the type of which the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi is a wonderful example.

Amazingly, despite a three star rating in the land of the five star giants, the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi manages a good rating with TripAdvisor. Out of the 55 hotels available to review and rating on their website, the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi manages to place a respectable 23rd. Also incredibly, this is actually higher than some of the five star design and luxury behemoths Abu Dhabi is so known for.

So what does one get when staying at this well respected {Abu Dhabi hotel}? Essentially, everything one would expect. Rooms are spacious, clean and stylishly decorated – and all provide the essential air conditioning. All rooms have kitchenettes, where one can prepare a meal to enjoy on the accompanying balcony. Mini bar, turn-down service and satellite television are all also included.

Although there is no pool on site, it is worth remembering that the splendid beaches of the Arabian Gulf nearby are more than enough for those who enjoy swimming. There is a spa and fitness centre at the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi, as well as a celebrated restaurant and a bar and coffee shop area.

In terms of location also, the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi is more than able to compete. It is located in the city centre of Abu Dhabi, and the beach is less than a mile away. You are also situated near Corniche Road, the home of the five star giants, which while may not be suitable accommodation nevertheless play a part in creating a spectacular skyline, looking out onto the Arabian Gulf.

Price wise, you are unlikely to be disappointed. One night at the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel Abu Dhabi costs around $150, which in terms of general rates in the city – and the quality of the hotel – is amazingly good value. This price decreases with the amount of nights booked, with a week standard holiday typically costing around $900. At these prices, in this location, Abu Dhabi is more accessible than most ever thought possible.

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