Hilton Abu Dhabi

When it comes to visiting a new country for the first time, most tourists cannot help but look for something a little familiar. If visiting places in the Middle East, such as the tourist trap of Abu Dhabi, that desire becomes all the more overwhelming; after all, few Western tourists have ever experienced anything like the desert conditions of Abu Dhabi itself, and the legal alien can quickly overcome someone. When in this kind of situation, a familiar name or brand name can be incredibly comforting, offering a small amount of security and familiarity in an unfamiliar world – and few names, in the hotel business at least, are as recognisable as Hilton.

Even before the founder of Hilton’s niece became the epitome of the rich kid lifestyle, Hilton was a name that was known and seen. These luxury hotels are a staple of most major cities, so naturally Abu Dhabi is no different – though even by the standards of the brand, the Hilton Abu Dhabi is something to behold.

The hotel complex itself is situated on Corniche Road, one of the most recognisable names in the hotel and leisure industry. Numerous high end, sophisticated hotels are based in this area, which overlooks the stunning scenery of the Arabian Gulf. The Hilton Abu Dhabi takes advantage of this prime location, and the complex has its very own private beach solely for the use of guests of the hotel. Even by Abu Dhabi standards, the beach is large – at some 350 meters, it is one of the most spacious beaches of all the high specification hotels.

Within the resort itself, there is just simply a stunning array of things to do and see – one could never be bored while staying at the Hilton Abu Dhabi. Every possible whim and need has be catered to, with an even split between fun and stimulating activities and those designed for visitors who prefer a more relaxing life.

For the active guest, there is a vast array of hobbies to choose from. These include; use of a full fitness and well-being centre, an outdoor pool, playground, snorkelling, sight seeing tours and on site squash and tennis courts. Out on the Arabian Sea itself, off the private beach, one can also indulge in a range of water sports, including wind surfing and water skiing.

If all of the above sounds a little too tiring, the relaxing holiday market is also well provided for. On site, there is a barber, a beauty salon, a masseuse, sauna, separate steam room and a jacuzzi. Some treatments and use of rooms are included in the standard overnight room rate, though some services have additional costs. It is worth checking with your travel agent to see what extras you can get thrown in when you book your ticket.

With a day of fun, relaxation or both behind you, minds naturally turn to the restaurant and bar facilities. Never fear, this Abu Dhabi hotel is vastly equipped in the culinary stakes, too, with ten restaurant and bars on site, guaranteeing an enjoyable stay – whatever you like to do on holiday.

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