Hilton Baynunah Abu Dhabi

Before even mentioning the interior of this highly opulent hotel, it is worth mentioning a fact about it. The Hilton Baynunah is Abu Dhabi’s third-highest building in all, and its tallest hotel. A 42-storey, 500 plus-foot tall colossus, it is just ten minutes from the centre of Abu Dhabi city, and is a hugely popular destination for business travelers and holidaymakers alike. Although Dubai may bring more tourists to the United Arab Emirates, there are more than a few travelers who actually prefer Abu Dhabi – and among those there are many who just adore the Hilton Baynunah.

As well as being the city’s largest hotel, the Hilton Baynunah is also home to Abu Dhabi’s largest indoor pool. It is very much a place in which to relax, in a city where the hustle and bustle occasionally seems to make relaxation a forlorn hope. Whichever room you choose in the building, you can be sure of a stunning view. Junior Suites have the best view in many people’s opinions, looking out as they do over the bay. But then, an Executive or Deluxe room will also provide you with a view you will never forget, with stunning panoramic views of the city itself – something that would take anyone’s breath away just for a moment.

Of course, all the amazing views in the world will be of limited importance to any traveler if the room itself is not worthy of the expense. Fortunately the rooms at the Hilton Baynunah are absolutely worthy. In common with the Hilton hotels throughout the world there is tasteful décor, plenty of space and there are excellent furnishings throughout. Whether you are visiting on business or just want to get in contact with your family at home, high speed internet access makes it easy for you.

Compared to some of the prices on Abu Dhabi hotels, the Hilton Baynunah is also highly affordable. Junior suites come in at less than $300 a night depending on when you book them, which compares very favorably with many of the alternatives, plenty of which offer nothing over and above what the Hilton gives you. And what the Hilton gives you includes fine food, great amenities and wonderful convenience for the tourist attractions of the city. Those who wish to do business can sit and discuss it in peace and quiet in the Atrium Lounge before unwinding in the spa.

Back in your room you may even decide to dispense with the hotel’s catering – although you would really be well advised to at least try the wonderful Level 2 Restaurant once or more – to grab yourself a quick snack from the ensuite kitchenette. Figures to go over from the day’s business? Well, sit to work at the desk before getting ready for the evening’s entertainment – whatever that may be. With one of the world’s most up and coming cities at your disposal that is up to you. The classic features and comfort that you have come to associate with Hilton Hotels will allow you to make your decision at leisure.

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