Hilton Corniche Apartments Abu Dhabi

When visiting Abu Dhabi it is just about certain that part of your journey will take you along the city’s most famous road – the Corniche. This road is dotted all around with sumptuous views, and is recognised all over the Middle East for this fact. The views and its length – the Corniche is six kilometers long, or about four miles – make this one of the tourist centres of the entire region. Along the sides of the road you will see some of the finest gardens the Middle East has to offer, and every intersection is marked by a fountain. It makes the drive a truly spellbinding experience for anyone making it for the first time, and even a great many who have taken it before.

The variation that you will witness while driving along the Corniche means that you can take the route time after time and notice something different on each occasion. Being so close to the coast, it is also possible to stop off along the way to have a bit of beach time. On your first trip along the road you will understand why it is so highly thought of in the region. On all trips you make thereafter you will begin to wonder why it is not more widely recognised as a tourist experience. But for those who plan to make this part of their sight-seeing experience, there is a top-notch hotel right on the Corniche that makes things a whole lot easier.

The Hilton Corniche Apartments are less highly thought of by some than Hilton’s other two hotels in the region. This is not to say, though, that it is a bad hotel. In fact there are many who put the Corniche on at least a par with the others, and even for those who don’t it is still a hugely accommodating and pleasant place to stay, with rooms that are immaculately clean and extremely spacious. The beds are large and soft – but not too soft, in fact they are so comfortable that they guarantee a good night’s sleep which will make the following day’s sight-seeing that much more agreeable. In the immediate surrounding area you will have access to some excellent 24-hour supermarkets – so even if you miss a mealtime there is no need to go hungry, and on checking in you are given a free glass of juice with refills readily available.

While there are many opulent Abu Dhabi hotels, the Corniche Apartments are renowned by visitors for being the most welcoming hotel that many of them have ever stayed in. This makes the hotel a popular option for not only the business traveler, but for holidaying families and couples. There are also free laundry facilities, which simply add to the convenience and home-from-home feel. Room rates even in the short term will frequently be less than $200 a night – which compares very favorably with many of the other options in the area.

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