Honeymoon in Mauritius

After marriage and it’s associated traditions, there tends to be another tradition that few newlywed couples dismiss. The honeymoon, a holiday vacation taking in the weeks following the actual day of nuptials, is seen as a period of bonding and getting used to the newlywed state, as well as a welcome relaxation break from the stresses and strains of planning a wedding.

Therefore, a honeymoon is never seen as quite the same as a standard holiday. For many couples, it may be the last holiday they’ll take together alone, before children arrive. Honeymoons are, by and large, show-stopping holidays that spare no expense and bathe the newlywed couple in luxury and relaxation as they adjust to life as man and wife. For this reason alone, a Mauritius honeymoon is the perfect way to start your life together.

Everyone a newlywed couple could desire from a Mauritius honeymoon is provided. If, following a particularly stressful wedding, the desire is for chilling out and relaxing amid stunning scenery of breathtaking splendor, Mauritius delivers. Mauritius was formed due to tectonic plate movement around 10 million years ago, and although the volcanoes on the island are now dormant, they provide a stunning backdrop to any Mauritius honeymoon.

Further to the purpose of rest and relaxation, Mauritius has some of the most classical unspoiled beaches in the entire world. Miles of golden, powder-like sand leading on to crisp and unsullied blue lagoons and out on to the Indian Ocean surround the island almost entirely. Due to the vast beauty of all of the Mauritian beaches, finding a little secluded spot just for you and your new spouse is not difficult. When there is so much to choose from, overcrowding becomes unnecessary. Sit back and let your troubles roll away as you bask on the glorious beaches in the warmth Mauritian weather, but never being far away from a friendly palm tree which can provide shade when needed.

While this sounds like the idea of bliss for many, some couples like to do something active and adventurous while on their honeymoon. Thankfully, Mauritius has much to offer the experience-seeker. Instead of building tacky theme parks, Mauritius honeymoons come fully equipped with a range of activities provided by nature alone.

You can trek through some of the dense tropical forestry on the island, or walk up some of the aforementioned dormant volcanoes. Some of the sights from above the island are a wonder to behold, much untouched since the formation of the island millions of years ago, and largely unspoilt by civilization

The real beauty when it comes to combining experiences and the Mauritius honeymoon is in the scuba diving. Virtually all of the Mauritian main island is surrounded by miles upon miles of coral reefs, all placed in some of the clearest, least-polluted waters this planet can offer. Diving is a huge revenue generator for Mauritian natives and tours and lessons are easily found at most of the country’s large beaches.

So when it comes to achieving the wow factor, the relaxation factor or just the pure pleasure seeking factor of a honeymoon, Mauritius provides, in spades.

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