Horward Johnson Diplomat Hotel Abu Dhabi

A criticism often leveled at hotels in major business cities is that they are all a little faceless and standardised. This is not something that can be said of Abu Dhabi’s Howard Johnson hotel, the Diplomat. Mindful of the mix of nationalities that descends on Abu Dhabi for holidays and on business, the Diplomat offers a mix that means that any traveler will find something here to suit them. As the hotel contains a few bars and a discotheque it may not be the ideal resting point for a family holiday nor a honeymoon – but for a group of men, perhaps even a stag weekend with a twist, this is one of Abu Dhabi’s best locations. It is fair to say that if you are in the market for a quiet holiday then there may be other places that serve your needs better, but for an “anything goes” break, there are few options that match up to the Diplomat.

The number of bars in this Abu Dhabi hotel allows for different tastes and cultural mores to be catered to. If one is too raucous – or too tame – for your liking, then there will be another within reach that is more to your taste. There are also a few restaurants, including one Indian restaurant that provides a curry to compare favorably with just about any other restaurant in the region. It really depends on your own personal taste, but there is plenty on offer at the Diplomat to attract a steady customer base, as is shown by its continuing high occupancy rates. If you enjoy some nightlife and have a preference for the simple pleasures, then the Howard Johnson Diplomat is certainly a good option.

As well as the entertainment on offer, the Howard Johnson Diplomat scores highly when it comes to customer service. The staff are friendly and diligent, and nothing is too much trouble for them. Although some visitors to Abu Dhabi may prefer a hotel with a quieter feel to it, visitors to the Diplomat can be assured that their every request will be treated with speed and amiability by the staff on duty, who make it their business to ensure that you are catered for and looked after, and will go above and beyond to make sure that your stay is a positive experience. This results in continued good reviews for the standard of service from its customers.

Located on Sheikh Khalifa Street, the Diplomat is 30 kilometers from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. For anyone staying there, the local attractions are head-turning options. It is handily located for the beach and the business district, and the amenities include beauty shops, fitness centers, swimming pools and tennis. Close by you can indulge your passion for relaxing sport with a spot of fishing or golf, and if you have people waiting for presents back home you can take care of that need with the excellent shopping amenities nearby. For business travelers, the hotel business center and meeting facilities make everything a lot more convenient and guarantee a trip that will come up to scratch on every level.

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