How To Buy Diamond Jewellery in Singapore

Singapore has been known to be the world’s destination for shopping. Nearly all things are available in the city. Thousands of boutiques and retails are ready to serve the thirst shopaholics to get high quality products of lifestyle in competitive prices. Jewellery is one of the most sought items in Singapore. The strategic positioning and the potential of the Singaporean market make the jewellery business grows flourished without any major obstacles. Among so many styles of jewellery available in the city, the jewellery which is using diamond as its main ornament is including the most popular one. The charm of the stone as the hardest material in the world tempts not only industries which need solid and strong material for their capital, but also people who love to admire the shiny beauty of the stone.

There is a saying that diamond is woman’s best friend. Yet, wearing diamond jewellery does not necessarily mean that a woman can easily get a friend with the charm of her diamond. Wearing the jewellery in the wrong occasion means a disaster that will make her lose even more friends. To avoid the loss of friend because of the fashion disaster, a woman must know where and when she should wear certain diamond jewellery. Everything looks nice in the right proportion, so follow the tips to be chic, trendy, and beautiful with diamond from Singapore.

Casual style for everyday style
Today’s women do not have sufficient time to look perfect in relax, common days. A pair of jeans, shirt or T-Shirt, and an elegance nuance from simple blazer and simple boots is the most comfortable casual style. Too much diamond in this style is not really necessary. In Singapore, FEGJ or Far East Gems Jewellery has the perfect collection of jewellery with diamonds which will match the casual style. Since the brand provides all kinds of jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, finding the right match of jewellery for this style will not be so hard. If there is no collection which attracting the customer’s heart, then personalized diamond jewellery is also available. Other than FEGJ, some collections by On Cheong jewellery are also good companions of casualty. High-end products of jewellery combined with highly selected materials of precious metals are available in competitive prices.

Party style
Escaping the working hours which are full of pressure with week end party or cocktail party will be perfect. It is also a good time to let the world know your taste in choosing your jewellery. Take out your best party gown and do the mix-and-match with your diamonds. Make sure that the choice has no too “simple” or too “over” property. In the party, the diamond jewellery becomes more than just a “spice” for your performance. It is a tool to show your personality and fashion taste. Therefore it needs higher consideration than the everyday diamond. The exclusive collections of diamonds by Tiffany, Harry Winston, and Anna Maria Camilli should be more than enough to make a woman become a spotlight of the party. The more modest choices are the jewellery by SK jewellery, Lee Jewellery, and Siang Hoa jewellery. They also have gorgeous collections of diamonds that will make someone’s fashion statement bold.

Wedding moment style
Among some styles which are proposed above, this one is very significant for a woman. A wedding is always hoped to be the one and the only ceremony. Therefore diamonds chosen for this moment should be the same special pieces. The Tiffany’s collection is still recommended for this style, as well as the Harry Winston’s. Vivo diamonds are the other recommendations that will satisfy the couples who will marry. All of these brands are known for their capability in giving prime service and top-notch products for their customers. To get the products, simply go to the shopping malls in Singapore. With the availability of many mono-brand jewellery stores and multi-brand jewellery boutiques, finding the right jewellery for the right style will not be hard. ION Orchard, Paragon Malls, Knightsbride, Vivo City, and Nge Ann City are some recommendations to get the best jewellery with diamonds from reliable brands. So seize every moment with diamond, so it can have deeper meaning and unforgettable memory.

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