Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi

The Intercontinental is one of Abu Dhabi’s five star hotels, and it really shows whenever you visit, as there is not a single thing about the place that one could find fault with. Reasonably priced for a five star hotel, it gives a great level of service on every front. Among Abu Dhabi hotels there is a strong ethos of hospitality and value in the hotel industry, and the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi demonstrates that perfectly. Right in the heart of the city center, you have just a short drive before you are in the shopping district, and at the same time journeying time from the airport is extremely convenient. It is entirely possible, though, that you will find yourself spending a fair portion of your time inside the hotel.

The reason for this is that there is so much to do inside the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi. On booking in, and even possibly before, you will hear a lot about the on site restaurant, Chamas. Chamas is a Brazilian-style Churrascaria restaurant – this term refers to a style of cooking which is largely similar to barbecuing or rotisserie. The waiters, also known as passadors, come to the diner’s table with skewers and knives to serve up a quite dizzying range of meats. Chamas has built itself a reputation to be envied, with some corners of the Internet dubbing it Abu Dhabi’s finest restaurant, and the servings are huge. To have it right there in the hotel where you are staying means that on most evenings you will have to wonder whether to go out, or go back for more.

Alternatively there is the Fishmarket restaurant – unsurprisingly a seafood restaurant, which is reviewed and rated almost as highly as Chamas by many. If you feel that you have had enough meat for one holiday, some excellent seafood is available here and will satisfy any diner. You can of course go out to eat, and there are excellent restaurants nearby that provide quality meals of different nationalities, including one that provides delicious Iranian food. The level of customer service at the Intercontinental is on a par with the food, with the staff all extremely friendly and efficient. The Intercontinental Abu Dhabi is one of the city’s highest-ranked hotels in terms of popularity and customer satisfaction, and the reasons are pretty clear.

Not only are the food and service excellent, but the amenities laid on by the hotel are also highly enjoyable. Beds are comfortable and the room service – should you find that the trip down to the restaurant is something that you cannot bear – is something that will impress anyone. The entertainment that is laid on can get a little bit noisy, which means that it is perhaps not an ideal hotel for an older visitor. For couples and younger groups of friends, however, it is an excellent location. Some of the views from the hotel are of construction sites, but as Abu Dhabi is a city which is constantly rebuilding itself it is hard to blame any hotelier for that. Certainly, the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi does not suffer from a point of view of ambient noise, unlike many other such hotels.

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