Jared – the Galleria of Jewellery

In Singapore, in which jewellery shopping has become a part of lifestyle, there are so many jewellery stores opened to satisfy the demand of the local and international enthusiasts. Jared, the Galleria of Jewellery is one of the big retailers of famous brands jewellery. The first Jared store was opened in 1993, on which many jewellery stores were drawn to the concept of “inside mall” outlets. The brand new concept of jewellery store was brought by Jared. It initiated an idea on how a jewellery stores should operate. Built the galleries outside the mall, the guests are gravitated to come to the gallery to get the best services and the best jewellery they can never have in ordinary jewellery shop. To give enjoyable and successful shopping for the customers is the intention of the company. Bringing only the best selection of jewellery, the company offers give times selected collections and gives the best prices which are reasonable for all layers of customers.

The customers will enjoy the wonderful in-store experience with the services offered by the company. There is a facility of video gemscope that enables the customer to witness themselves the quality of gemstones available in the gallery. 10 times magnification will give the clear picture of the gemstone’s cut precision and clarity. Since the way of people’s shopping has been greatly changed by the technology habit of the people, the company’s recent mission is also to bring excellent jewellery online shopping experience. The professionals are ready to assist the customers with the availability of Education Center, in which people can learn more about jewellery they want to purchase. As an online division of Sterling jewelers Inc. and Signet Jewelers Ltd, Jared Jeweller is proud to be the most trustworthy network for online jewellery shopping.

The main featured product of the company is diamond jewellery. There are some quality brands under the company offering their best products of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. The brands which are available in the galleries of Jared are for example Forevermark, Leo Diamond, Heart Desire, Neil Lane, Scott Kay, Le Vian, Love’s Embrace, Shades Australia, Yellow Diamond Fashion, and Blue Diamond Fashion. Every series of jewellery are special for certain occasion and taste. The products are available with the wide ranges of price, from under $100 to over $500. No matter in what price you will set your budget. The collection you choose must be the best product, made by experienced artisans with international-scale skills. To be more exclusive, design your own dream jewellery and propose it to the experts so that they can manage to make your dream comes true. With the high quality materials from precious metals such as yellow, white, and rose gold, sterling silver, diamonds, pearls, and the other colorful gemstones; there is no dream jewellery which cannot be established into its real form. When your lovely jewellery gets certain damage, the repair center officers are ready to welcome the customers and give proper service to fix the problem.

Since the outlets of Jared Gallery are not available in shopping malls, in Singapore, people can find the gallery in the Alexandra Technoesplanade and in the area of Marina Boulevard. Premium services are given for the loyal visitors, either they are from Singapore or foreign countries. The products available in the gallery other than fine jewellery are luxury watches by famous Swiss watchmaker. International brands, such as Tag Heuer, are available in the showrooms, spoiling the watch lovers with their finest creations. Some tips for you who want to get your best jewellery or luxury watches, first, make sure you know clearly how much you want to spend on the products. Knowing the limit of your money will make you easy to decide the right product for you. Second, when you have decided to choose certain product, ask more information about the products you choose to the experts in the store. Good jewellery store will have experts as the liaison between the store and the customer. If it is intended for a gift, wrap the jewellery thoroughly so that the one that will receive the gift appreciates it in the right way. Gets more ideas on jewellery shopping and wrapping to the staffs of jewellery store and your jewellery shopping in Singapore finally reaches its successfulness.

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