Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical yet a semi-invasive treatment during which a totally disinfected area will be produced for patients because of the use of laser. Each clinic has their respective methods to disable hair growth continuously at different areas of the body. Let us look at Singapore clinics’ offers and their treatments when it comes to laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has become one of the top cosmetic treatments for women. The reason for this is that hair growth differs for every people and millions of women suffer or even get bullied for their rich hair appearing on the legs, on the arms, armpits and from a certain age, even on the face. Therefore, several sorts of treatments were found in the last decade among which we can definitely underline the use of all sorts of different waxes as the most common methods of hair removal used at cosmetics. Laser hair removal is the further developed method for the manual hair removal which offers a long lasting effect however, due to the dangers of laser can be only obtained at clinics that are professional in applying this treatment.

Although Asian women are genetically not hairy, hair on the feet or of arms can appear at them too having a disturbing effect. Therefore, the number of patients opting for a laser hair removal in Singapore is high. Let us see some of the clinics we can offer you to obtain laser hair removal in Singapore:

• Sloane Clinic:
Sloane clinic uses an FDA-approved laser and IPL hair removal technology to remove hair from diverse areas. Both their treatments are safe and effective and are suitable to treat any areas of the body or face. Their technologies also allow them to treat larger areas at once and leave the skin scar free. Although Sloane’s clinic’s treatments are great, large areas such as legs must be treated by multiple therapies especially because laser treatment does not affect those follicles that did not start to grow yet. Sloane clinic has three different treatments out of which two uses laser hair removal: GentleTag and GentleYag, while IPL is using a different technology. Each way of treatment is suggested for different skin types and different areas. Find Sloane Clinic at five destinations in Singapore City.

• Dr. Eileen Tan’s Clinic offers great laser hair removal therapy for any area of the body with the participation of her professional staff. The clinic suggests patients to have the laser hair removal therapy 3 to 5 times in about 8 weeks.

• Dr. Tan operates in Mt. Elizabeth Clinic and Mt. Elizabeth Novena Hospitals and can be contacted there or via phone or e-mail.

• Privé Clinic
This downtown clinic has a great resume in different skin-care methods. The clinic uses light and laser bipolar radiofrequency energy in order to attain a permanent reduction of hair growth at any areas. The radiofrequency only aims to treat hair follicles. Privé clinic has other well-developed cosmetic methods to the skin and the body and it is located at Orchard Road within Palais Renaissance Shopping Mall.

Of course, apart from the clinics that have a good reputation, there are several other Singapore clinics offering laser hair removal in Singapore. Before undergoing such therapy, it is essential that you make sure the clinic is qualified with professional staff and look for reviews as well.

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