Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi

Le Royal Meridien hotel complex and resort is located in Abu Dhabi, which is often described as the capital of the seven states – or ‘Emirates’ – that make up for the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. Not to be confused with the similar sounding hotel Le Meridien, Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi is a five star hotel with a stunning range of amenities and interesting spectacles for any visitor.

As with so many of Abu Dhabi’s hotels, the main concept behind Le Royal Meridien is for luxury beyond anything previously seen before. This is not a city that is ashamed of its wealth, and the rich and famous have been flocking to the city, making it one of the most upcoming foreign destinations for the wealthy traveller. Much of Abu Dhabi is designed to cater to this luxury, high specification market, and Le Royal Meridien certainly excels in these desires.

To begin with, this {Abu Dhabi hotel} complex is located close to the Corniche waterfront, and is a mere 25 minute drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport. Some of the most famous tourist traps of the city of Abu Dhabi are close to the hotel; including only five miles journey to the famous Abu Dhabi Golf Course, and a mere two miles from the shopping delights to be found at Abu Dhabi Mall.

Once at the hotel, the wow factor continues apace. Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi is a high rise style hotel, a term which may conjure uncomfortable mental images of grey stone blocks and miserable accommodation – but it will soothe the mind to know that this is a high rise unlike anything else, and it is beautifully designed and crafted. The hotel is simply bursting with amenities, including a large pool complete with poolside bar, a health club, an on site nightclub, beauty and spa services, fitness equipment and a hair salon. In fact, so vast are these facilities, one could have an entirely enjoyable holiday without ever leaving the hotel grounds.

Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi has a total of 275 guest rooms, spread out over 31 floors; a flooring plan that may give one some idea of the scope of the rooms available. The rooms themselves have all that one would usually expect from a high class hotel room, as well as a few extras designed to deal with the scorching Middle Eastern heat; the rooms are all fitted with blackout drapes, and have controlled air conditioning in the rooms. The bathrooms, which more often than not include walk in showers and jacuzzi baths, are cast in beautifully decadent black and white marble.

One of the absolute highlights of Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi comes in the on site dining. There are numerous restaurants and bars located in the complex, while the rooftop restaurant Al Fanar enjoys worldwide fame. This is due to its unique design; Al Fanar is a revolving restaurant, providing panoramic rooftop views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and out to the Arabian Sea beyond. Any that experience this describe it as a thrilling, once in a lifetime kind of event, and one that makes Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi stand out in a city where luxury hotels are as easy to find as lamp posts.

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