Marina Square Singapore

Marina Square is one of the newest shopping malls of Singapore, and unlike most of the signature shopping malls, it is not located along the Orchard Road, which gives home to most shopping malls of the city. Let us explore why is worth visiting this shiny new shopping mall and what makes Marina Square a unique place to be.

Marina Square has just recently been finished, which means that the mall meets the requirements of the modern shoppers, both in terms of stores and in terms of interior and exterior design. The shopping mall has quickly become a favourite among the locals. The mall’s elite situation, being right next to the famous Mandarin and Oriental hotels, also helps a lot for the mall to stay relevant. Marina Square houses a huge collection of the trendiest brands from all over the world. Although Marina Square was not planned to become another luxury mall, you can find plenty of high street fashion stores within the mall, apart from the fact, that they are outnumbered by the hip urban street-wear stores, which include Miss Selfridge’s, Zara, Mango and the British Top shop.

The situation of Marina Square is pretty special: on one hand, it is pretty close to the historical centre of the city, yet on the other hand, it is only a few steps away from the newest and most modern contemporary district of Singapore, which is plainly referred to as “Marina”. It houses a huge deal of stores, entertainment and business completes with other complexes. The closest attractions to Marina Square include Suntec City, Millennia Walk, the huge Ferris Wheel the Singapore Flyer and the contemporary Esplanate Entertainment Quarter.

Marina Square is a sporty mall and you can find a huge deal of shoe stores here. There are plenty of brands in Marina Square, which can only be found in Marina Square, or are located just too far from it.

This is the situation with Marks & Spencer, the label store of which can only be found in this shopping mall, as the only M&S located within a shopping mall in Singapore. The popular Crocs shoes also have one of its few stores within this mall. Unique brands that you can find here include MUJI an extremely popular Japanese lifestyle store or John Little. The shopping mall is very popular for its great collection of sportswear stores such as its ASICS store, offering some of the very best footwear in the world, Golf House or Phiten Golf among a dozen others. Geox also has its label store in Marina Square such as Puma or Royal Sporting House.

The nice food course takes care of the visitors’ food and drink needs with lots of specialty eateries from all around the world.

The positive thing about Marina Square is for everyone to find what he or she look for in terms of any goods from electronics to maternity fashion. The mall’s own cinema complex, the Golden Village Cinemas, gives an extra to the experience. Apart from these, you can find plenty of gyms and sport centres in Marina Square. To get to Marina Square shopping mall, you should simply get off at Esplanade MRT Station. Tourists with password will get a tourist visitors card that offers lots of extras for the tourists.

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