Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi

If visiting the Middle Eastern country of United Arab Emirates, pay close attention to some of the high specification developments when visiting each Emirate. If you do so, you may see a particular company name recurring – or more, a particular brand name. City Developments Limited, a Singapore based international hotel and property conglomerate, have quickly caught on to the tourist buzz of the United Arab Emirates, and have established their presence in the region with a range of hotels and complexes. You’ll recognise a City Developments hotel complex easily; just look for the name ‘Millennium’ in the title.

There are four developments belonging to this company in the United Arab Emirates; two in Dubai – the Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai and Grand Millennium Hotel Dubai – as well as one in Sharjah, the Millennium Hotel Sharjah. Finally, in what is often considered the unofficial capital of the United Arab Emirates, there is the Abu Dhabi development; Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi.

In a city which is known for it’s luxury accommodation, it can be hard for a hotel complex to stand out from the crowd. This is even more so when the hotel in question is located on what is known as Corniche Road and Corniche Promenade; as this is the base for many of the big name companies looking to make a splash in the lucrative hotel market within Abu Dhabi. Yet, even with its Corniche Road competitors, the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi still manages to stand out.

The Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi markets itself as a business lifestyle hotel, meaning the majority of its features, design and amenities are purpose made for the business market. Abu Dhabi is a popular destination for business people, as everyone flocks to the Middle East riches that rely so heavily on oil production. Therefore, a business hotel in a business region needs to be truly stunning to make people visit; and in the case of the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi, it delivers.

The image of opulence and brilliance is reinforced the moment one walks through the doors; stepping onto the smooth and ornately polished marble surface, inside the high-ceiling lobby, it is easy to imagine that such a setting is perfect to get the creative business juices flowing. Once inside, the hotel continues to impress, particularly if one takes a moment to peruse exactly what is on offer here.

As one would expect from a five star luxury Abu Dhabi hotel, the Millennium Hotel is well equipped to deal with every possible whim of both business and leisure visitors. All public areas are air conditioned; an absolute necessity in the sweltering heat of the desert climate, and individual rooms feature self controlled air conditioning. As well as standard rooms, there are three different types of suites available, with the most impressive – and expensive – being the Royal Suite. Although the name would suggest reservations only being available to kings and queens, the Royal Suite is available to all, and provides 280 square meters of visiting space, encompassing a bedroom, en suite bathroom, main bathroom, second bedroom with second en suite bathroom, living room and study area.

This is only a brief touching on the wonders available at the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi; to fully experience the splendour of this wonderful hotel, you’ll just have to visit!

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