Shopping Trip in Croatia

Croatia is one of the beautiful countries in the world that has been well visited by tourists. Its location in Southern Europe is the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Balkans and Central Europe, which adds up to the glamour and appeal of this country. This country has been divided into eight tourist destinations wherein you can enjoy and relax by using its wonderful nature’s blessings. Tourists are engaged in various activities in Croatia like water sports, hiking, visiting to museums or just simply getting awed and fascinated with the sceneries.

Normally, tourists would end their visit by shopping for presents for their loved ones when they get back. Because of this, tourists are always looking for places wherein they could buy souvenirs and for a place that is often visited by tourists, it is important to have different shopping districts where tourists could see different items for sale.

In Croatia, shopping tends to be a bit more expensive than in Britain. However, a lot of people say that the quality of the items in Croatia is excellent and so the high pricing is just normal. Because of this, tourists in Croatia should prepare for more pocket money to ensure that they have enough for their shopping needs. If you are low in cash but wants to buy more, credit cards are also accepted. Major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are accepted in most of the stores in Croatia.

Shopping for souvenirs are usually done in department stores. Good thing, shops are usually open from 9am until 7:30pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, shopping can start in as early as 8am until 2pm. Some shops are also open during Sundays from 8am until 2pm during the months of July and August.

Tourists usually visit the capital city of Zagreb because of the various shopping destinations that you can find and the wide range of products to choose from. Shopping centers like Center Kaptol, Importanne Centar, Nama, Plaza and Rotanda are some of the shopping places to go to in Zagreb. The Importanne Centar is one of the best places to go to because it is one of the largest shopping malls and accommodates a huge range of items so it will impossible to leave this place without any hand carry. In Center Kaptol, you will find the shop called Staccato. This place is well known for being one of the best places to buy Croatian accessories, Diplomat pens, leather items and even umbrellas!

If you are looking for authentic Croatian products or modern Croatian innovations, you might want to consider shopping in Split, Croatia. In this city, there is a famous shopping district called Marmontova ulica or street. Aside from finding authentic Croatian souvenirs, the Marmontova Street is also known for housing huge brands in fashion like Dolce, Versace and a lot more! Then, after being tired from shopping, you may rest and drink some coffee in the different cafes and restaurants within the area.

Shopping is really fun! And it gets much better when you shop in these Croatian shopping districts. However, shopping requires a substantial amount of money before you can enjoy this activity so make sure to have lots of cash before planning to go on a trip to Croatia.

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