Must Try Restaurants of Mauritius

Because of the so many foreign visitors rushing in Mauritius every year, there are now several hotels built in order to accommodate the growing number of tourists. Moreover, many businessmen are also investing in restaurants and food businesses. However, although many restaurants are already dotting the island of Mauritius, and serving great tasting foods, there are of course, three food establishments that are topping the list. And most of these are quite expensive since there is not enough much food establishments that would accommodate the tourists especially during the peak season (the month of April). Nevertheless, tourists are still willing to pay the price, not just because of the local delicacy or the ambiance, but of the VIP treatment given to each and every customer that they have.

If you want to have an authentic Italian food while in a tropical island, then you must visit the Don Camillo. There are a lot of Italian restaurants here in Mauritius but the Don Camillo is considered as the best by many food fanatics in Mauritius. Not only that it serves great food. It also has an ambiance that other Italian restaurants do not have. The terrace is overlooking the bay and the breeze from the Indian Ocean refreshes your mind and body while munching on your favorite Italian cuisine.

Mauritius of course, offers the best tasting seafood restaurants in the whole world. One of the many restaurants that cater delicious seafood delicacies is the Restaurant Le Coin de Mire. Creol food is one of the most ordered foods in the menu. And just like the Don Camillo, where there is a fantastic view during the night, Restaurant Le Coin de Mire ensures a captivating view of the sea during dinner or lunch. You can have all sorts of fresh seafood at a very affordable price.

However, for those who are visiting the island of Mauritius in a large group, it is very unlikely that you will go into restaurants serving expensive dishes. So why not go at Namaste to have the best of both worlds. You will not only pay at a very affordable price but will be able to enjoy sumptuous buffet as well. Restaurants like this are very rare in Mauritius. During the night, you will also get the chance to listen to some live Indian music played by bands while eating here in Namaste.

It is great to do some food-hopping here in Mauritius especially if you have a lot of budget to do so. Aside from expensive restaurants, there are also several restaurants by the bay offering the same delicious foods. However, these are the places that are hard to look for and only have an outdoor seating. Do not forget to visit any of these food establishments if you go to Mauritius. If seafood, Italian food, or buffet is not just for you, there are also numerous food establishments serving Chinese and Indian foods around the corner, near the beaches, or in the streets of Mauritius.

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