Novotel Centre Abu Dhabi

When visiting the United Arab Emirates, it is plain for all to see that the nation is one of the richest in the whole world. Consequently it is possible to spend a lot of money by not doing all that much, but this does not need to be the case if you plan wisely and choose your hotel well. One such choice would have to be the Novotel Centre Hotel Abu Dhabi, which if booked at the right time can come in at quite impressively low prices. Rather than finding yourself spending anything up to four figures for a night’s sleep, this is a hotel that can come in as low as $300 if you plan ahead and book at the right time. And although that price may set alarm bells ringing from a point of view of quality, rest assured that this {Abu Dhabi hotel} itself is surprisingly pleasant to stay in.

Often in major business cities like Abu Dhabi you will find that much of the expense of your trip ends up coming from quite dispensable services and luxuries which, while nice to have, do not make or break a trip in any real sense. The solution for someone wishing to visit Abu Dhabi on a budget and enjoy the city itself for what it is, is simple – go to a hotel that gives you what you need, but does not go over the top with it. The Novotel Centre Hotel Abu Dhabi is just such a hotel. And while it is important to mention how competitively priced and free of excesses it is, it would be entirely wrong to leave you with the impression that it is a poor hotel – it is far from that. Indeed, it is not without its own charms.

The French bistro, Le Beaujolais, is named for the hugely popular wine that practically has its own national holiday in France. In the estimation of regular visitors to the Novotel Centre Hotel Abu Dhabi, the bistro itself is worthy of almost the same kind of fanfare, with friendly service and excellent food. And if you are tired of fine French cuisine – it does happen – there is an excellent Chinese restaurant on site too to give you a greater range of choice. In fact, there are more than a few locations for fine dining, but Novotel’s wise decision to keep costs low and pass the saving on to their customers means that you will not be paying through the nose for services you might not after all use. Abu Dhabi is a highly sophisticated city, and there are options beyond the hotel so it is always worth looking at all your possible choices.

One other thing that the Novotel has that you would be silly to miss out on is the rooftop swimming pool. With a climate as warm as Abu Dhabi’s, it would not make sense to only have an indoor swimming pool, so the Novotel Centre Hotel Abu Dhabi has put its swimming pool in just the right place for visitors to catch some sun somewhere convenient for a cooling dip.

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