Online Shopping in Canada

online shopping canada
According to a recent study, it is revealed that 8 out of 10 internet users in Canada is doing online shopping. Most of the online shoppers are purchasing pet products, cosmetics and furniture products. About 82% of people are buying things through online shopping in Canada. Digital products are mainly purchased by consumers aged between 18 and 34. Based on the research, Canadian people spent $954 on online shopping yearly.  Even though online purchasing is less in Canada when compared to the United States, online retail stores are becoming popular these days.

Most of the retailers in Canada are encouraging the customers for online shopping by offering free shipping and discount coupons. Online shopping helps the Canadians to find products that are not available in the local market. Consumers can find great discounts on health and wellness products, jewellery, groceries, pet products, clothing, furniture, and office supplies by shopping online. Secure payment methods including credit cards, Paypal and even Bitcoin are offered by the online shopping sites in Canada for the products purchased.

Different options for shipping are offered by the sites and the cost of each shipping method differs. You’re opting for online shopping to get items at a cheaper price or save money. Hence, you’ve to be careful while choosing the shipping method. You should not choose a method that is expensive and with handling fees. Consider a shopping site that offers free shipping throughout the country. In case the site with your preferred product is not offering free shipping, then you have to consider the cheapest option of shipping. If you are not in a hurry to receive the products, you can use the option of standard shipping. Standard shipping is the least expensive shipping handled by the Canadian Post. If you opt for standard shipping through Canadian Post, then you’ll receive the products within 2-4 days of shipping.

In case of international customers, they have to pay a specific amount as shipping cost to get the products shipped to their location. Shipping to other countries will take time as the package has to pass the Canadian customs regulations. You have to pay a higher shipping cost which includes taxes, exchange rate and custom duties for international shipping. Most online shopping sites are handling international and national markets. Hence, they can provide even the least available merchandise to the customers. One of the major benefits of purchasing products from an online shopping site is that they will provide a detailed description of each product, which is not available with a retail shop.
Most online stores in Canada is offering replacement for the products purchased, when the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the products. You’ve to pack and ship the received product to return it back.

Some amount of fees has to be paid by the customer, if he/she changes the mind after receiving the product. Normally, no additional cost has to be paid for damaged items. Damaged items are replaced for free. The payment, shipping and return policies will differ from one site to another. Hence, it is important to go through these policies before ordering an item through online.

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