Playing Golf in Bahrain

Playing golf is one way of relaxing and exercising. Golf enthusiasts will find the golf courses in Bahrain spectacular. The national golf team of Bahrain was said to be the best in Middle East. Let’s see why this team is a champion; we’ll have a tour on the golf courses available in Bahrain.

The Awali Golf Club and Riffa Golf Club will provide you an exciting golfing experience.

The Awali Golf Club will give you a different experience in playing golf. Because Bahrain is practically a desert, golfers will tee in a piece of grass that they carry around and put the golf ball in holes an oiled sand ‘browns’ instead of greens.

The Riffa Golf Club is very accessible to tourists who want to play golf. It’s only a 15 minute ride from the county’s capital Manama. It is the only international 18-hole PGA grass golf course in Bahrain; this is designed by Karl Liten. This golf course is not only open to members but also to tourists who want to try this world-class golf course. This is considered to be an oasis of greens and fairways in the desert. The golf course is 6,817 yard, 72-championship course and aside from that this golf club also features five lakes and date palms. What was unique in this golf course is the night golf, golfers can play golf anytime even at night. Floodlit golf has been a new rave in the golf world and Riffa Golf Club is the only golf course in Bahrain which has floodlights covering the nine holes. Tourists and members can play golf from nine in the evening until eleven. This is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. It is refreshing to play golf not under the heat of the sun especially during summer.

Aside from having 18-hole par 72 championship course, Riffa Golf club also offers other exciting attractions like the golf shop that offers the all the latest golf equipments from around the world, a fully equipped conference room for important meetings and gatherings and lots of state of the art golf facilities.

The Riffa’s Golf Academy offers to teach all kinds of people who are interested to learn how to play golf. The Golf Academy’s philosophy is that improving the player’s performance will improve the player’s enjoyment of the game. The academy offers tuition packages for all who are interested in golf. The packages will meet the needs of the golfer from amateur to professional and it is available to all age levels. To further improve and help golfers, they introduce in 2005 the ‘Dartfish’ sports analysis software program, the equipment which analyzes sports movement. It allows golfers to study their swings and putt that are recorded in a DVD.

The clubhouse which includes the informal spike bar Braids, is a perfect place for relaxation while you’re not playing golf. It serves light snacks and drinks throughout the day and even in the evening for players who played the night golf. The bar also offers a different selection of drinks from beers to wines and also non-alcoholic drinks.

The Awali Golf Club and Riffa Golf Club are not the only golf clubs in Bahrain. Other golf courses will also give you an exciting golfing experience. Enjoy golfing!

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