Popular Beaches of Aruba

If you are thinking of tanning, swimming, sun bathing, sunset cruises, windsurfing, scuba diving sailing and deep sea fishing, great beaches await you in the island of Aruba. The best water spots in the world are found lying in serenity along Aruba’s coastlines. In the southwest coast, tourists can lavish in the Carribean waters and can enjoy activities which no other water spot could provide in this world.

One of the most popular beaches in Aruba is called the Arashi. This one is near California Lighthouse and can be found as far as the northwest end of the island. People who want to have a space where they can tan their skin can definitely lure over the sand for sunbathing. Arashi is not your ordinary beach resort because visitors are given the freedom to enjoy nature beyond man-made facilities. Indeed, your communion with the sun, sand and waters are the most serene in Arashi.

People flock to Aruba to enjoy the fascinating view of the Carribean sea and his can be done perfectly with a nice spot at the Palm Beach. Exactly opposite of the ARashi, the Palm has a good line of hotels and other facilities for accommodation. Typical as it may sound but Palm is spiced with a good line of bars where beach lovers can stay, relax and talk after a great dip in the blue waters. Gardens, animals and waterfalls are are placed strategically in beautiful in ground pool areas. Families and big groups of vacationers usually stay at the Marriots Vacation Club Timeshares.

Boca Catalina, Baby and Hadicurari are also great beaches that highlight the Aruba Island. Hadicurari is next to Palm and is perfect for windsurfing and parasailing. Visitors here will have the chance to enjoy seeing ordinary fisherman leave to scour the seas for living and return as the sun begins to rise. On the other hand, Baby is where little children could enjoy the waters without having to be afraid of big waves. Baby is known for its calm and shallow warm waters and is suited not just for the kids but also for novice swimmers who want to try out snorkeling and wading. Like the Arashi, Baby does not offer resort facilities so tourists are advised to be prepared when they come. Boca Catalina is rich of beautiful white sand. Its treasures of colorful fish can best attract visitors to go snorkeling.

If you have an SUV or a 4×4, you can readily access Boca Prins which may bring you to another Aruba Island experience beyond swimming and wading. Boca Prins is just right for those who want to go with the dramatic waves while walking along the white coastlines. If you don’t want a dip in the waters and yet you want to enjoy the Carribean by viewing from afar, Boca Prins is open anytime of the day. Just be sure to wear your rubber shoes, beach sandals or sneakers to take you to the rough rocks that dominate the coastlines.

Aruba waters are best highlighted with one of the most celebrated beaches in the world known as the Eagle. The shallow water and the palm tress are spots for a view of colorful fish.

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