Popular Jewellery Stores of Singapore

If there is a thing that you should be amazed of from Singapore, it should be about the number of fashion stores available in Singapore. As a city which becomes the international destination for shopping, stores in Singapore should accommodate at least millions of people who are coming to Singapore each year. Therefore, it is not so surprising if there are so many stores in Singapore. From clothing stores to jewellery boutiques, every single store built in Singapore intends to serve and give the shopping satisfaction for the visitors. Jewellery shopping in Singapore is really fun, since not only does the city own various stores of local jewellery brands, it also has many mono-brand international jewellery stores. Below will be listed some venues in which people can find various stores selling high quality products of jewellery.

Shopping Malls in Singapore
Talking about shopping malls in Singapore will take much time. There are so many shopping malls built in Singapore and nearly all of them have jewellery boutiques, either they are for national or international brand. The largest retail and lifestyle destination of shopping mall is the Vivo City. The mall lies next to the water across from Sentosa Island. This biggest shopping mall features hundreds of retail including some exclusive boutiques of jewellery. The mall is built with the concept of an easygoing and fun shopping centre. The second recommended shopping mall to hunt for jewellery is ION Orchard. Located in the famous road of lifestyle centre, the Orchard Road, the mall gathers many popular fashion brands from all over the world. The eight levels of the mall’s building will spoil people who want to have more adventurous journey of jewellery hunting. The innovative retail concepts and convenient environment make the mall is very popular among the localities and the Singapore visitors from the other country. The other unique shopping experience will be given by the Bugis Street. People who are looking for original merchandise of jewellery from Singapore with low price should come to this place. In addition, this place is also the place for people who really appreciate the art of bargaining. Ethnic jewellery stores are also available in this place.

Stores for Online Shopping
As internet opens more opportunity for people to get quality products with convenient pricing, many companies try to expand their business by doing online retailing services for the customers. Although this choice has certain risks related to the security and the quality of the products, still there are many people choose online shopping to save their energy, time and money for transportation. Singapore now has so many online jewellery stores which can serve people who live in the city, especially, and people who are staying abroad. Princess jewellery, Bass jewellery, Luxury Heaven jewellery, and Sheer Diamonds jewellery are some examples of online jewellery stores which have been proven to be reliable. Usually, the websites of the stores are provided with complete online catalogue, stating the detail description of the products along with the price and the possibilities of payment method. The jewellery which is ordered by a customer will be directly shipped to the customer’s address by registered courier or mail. Other than those online stores, E-bay is also possible to be the resource of people’s shopping jewellery. The online shops offer easiness and practicality of shopping only from home, it gives a choice for busy people who do not have much time to visit many boutiques; only to get one best product of jewellery.

Stores for Used Jewellery
Precious jewellery items usually last for a very long time. Therefore, even though the jewellery is old, it is possible to resell it to the other people. This way, jewellery is considered as investment. Usually, used jewellery in Singapore is sold via internet or online. Yet, some traditional markets in Singapore also have certain used-corners to display used items, including jewellery. E-bay is still the largest site which offers so many new and used things with competitive price. Other than that, the OLX Singapore is a free classified site which provides all kinds of used luxury watches and jewellery. Those sites have bargaining facility that will help both the sellers and buyers getting their best prices. Either you are looking for classical timepieces or contemporary designed jewellery, everything is available in the site.

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