Popular Plastic Surgeons of Singapore

Singapore is a great place for undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. Here, cosmetic surgery has become a huge trend acquired by a huge number of women, contrary to the fact that we do not talk about cheap treatments. Let us see some of the best plastic surgeons and plastic surgeries in Singapore.

The number of plastic surgeries has drastically grown in Singapore, with many being specialised in different services, out of which we can especially underline hair transplant surgeries, which usually do only these treatments, whole general cosmetic surgeries prefer to do everything from hands to feet.

Let us see the most popular cosmetic surgery clinics here with their leading plastic surgeons and their top specialisation and services.

Dr. Marco’s Clinic: Dr. Marco Faria Correa is among the few Brazilian plastic surgeons who decided to open practice also in Singapore, in order to be able to cate the huge need for quality plastic surgery in Asia too. Next to Singapore, Brazil is also a top destination for medical holidays, which resulted in producing a large number of practicing plastic surgeons with wide experience, especially in breast enlargement, in liposuction, in nose job and even with butt implants, to create the famous Brazilian buttock. We suggest you to visit Dr. Marco’s clinic in case you would like to undergo one or more of these mentioned treatments.

Sloane Clinic: Having awarded by the UK noble magazine, Tatler’s Best Cosmetic Surgery Awards, Sloane is a top-notch clinic, with a large number of highly experienced plastic surgeons, arriving here from both Singapore and in the UK with loads of international experience behind them. Sloane clinic does everything with the sole exception of medical correction and hair transplanting. We suggest you to go give a try with Sloane’s services. Sloane Clinic has 5 locations all around Singapore, two of which have city centre location.

Bosley Hair Restoration Clinic: Specialised in hair restoration, this clinic has a huge number of international clientele. Located on the top of Delfi Orchard shopping mall, you can trust on the services of Bosley Clinic.

The Hair and Laser Clinic: Dr. Tyng Tan is one of the new generation cosmetic surgeons with wide international experience in terms of skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. Dr. Tang’s clinic is part of the US Cole Hair Transplant Group that has praxis in multiple US cities.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic: Dr. Martin Huang is the leading surgeon of the clinic located in Paragon shopping Mall, Dr. Huang is also a restoring operations of all sorts. Dr. Huang has multiple international awards for his wide research in fields of restoration and his clinic is probably the most famous and the busiest in Singapore.

As you can see, there are several plastic surgery clinics, which operate with plastic surgeons. For more information on local cosmetic surgery rates and their practicing staff, check out the websites of above-mentioned cosmetic surgeries.

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