Popular Recreational Activities in Bahrain

Are you tired of your boring everyday routines? Do you need to relax and find some form of recreation and entertainment? Travel to Bahrain and you’ll find a lot of activities to do for recreation and places to visit for a whole lot of entertainment.

Bahrain is a country island in the Persian Gulf and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. It is now popular for being the home of Formula One racing in the Middle East, one form of recreation and entertainment attracting big crowds from all around the world. The Bahrain International circuit located in the middle of the dessert is one of the most visited places in the country for some recreation and entertainment during racing season.

Just like any other places in the Middle East, Bahrain enjoys horse riding as a form of recreation. The people from Bahrain draw a lot of entertainment and recreation from horseback riding and horse racing. Betting and gambling is never an entertainment though since they are strictly prohibited, but people can watch from the racetrack stadium that can hold about 10,000 people. Having a lot dessert, Bahrain also has a lot of camels. And yes, they race camel as well for entertainment.

Being an island country, Bahrain is also host to a lot of water sports and recreational activities. Its coastline runs for about 161 kilometers, so it is a great spot for its most popular recreation- sailing. Watching the sailing activities in Bahrain Yacht Club and Bahrain Sailing Club is surely one good form of entertainment. Bahrain’s long stretches of beach and corals are ideal recreation spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. It offers beautiful underwater coral reefs, wrecks of wooden boats and good breeds of fish like barracuda, I’m sure this would surely be a good form of entertainment for a lot of people who loves to dive. Some of the recreational sports that provide entertainment in Bahrain are swimming, rowing, winds surfing, pearl diving and fishing.

Now, if you’re the type of traveler who loves to visit museums and historical places for entertainment, then Bahrain is a good place for you. No one should ever miss the ‘Museum of Pearl Diving’. It offers a glimpse of the rich history and culture of Bahrain and its people that would not only provide entertainment but a lot of knowledge as well. Shaikh Isa’s house, once the home of the grandfather of the Amir is also a good place to visit for entertainment. It showcases the fine local 19th century architecture of Bahrain complete with wind tower, wall carving and latticework. The mysterious ‘Tree of Life’ is also a place a traveler can get amusement and entertainment. You would surely wonder how a tree as such, could grow in the middle of the dessert with no water source. And to complete your visit, go to the Oil Museum. It commemorates Bahrain as being the first country in the Middle East to discover oil. You’d get to see some fascinating exhibits, including drilling equipment, documents, old photographs and a working model of an oilrig, which I’m sure, would be a lot of fun and entertainment.

Bahrain is one of the best places to be. It is packed with a lot of recreational activities and entertainment spots that you would enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and get that entertainment and recreation that you need!

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