Pulau Ubin

The Pulau Ubin is one of the most visited islands by those who love the nature and like to go off the beaten track instead of visited the hyper popular Sentosa Island. Pulau Ubin Island is easily reachable by boats from most ports of Singapore, Changi, Punggol beaches and ports. The beautiful Pulau Ubin will really take you back in history when you can experience how the lifestyle of the people was about 30 years ago if not more.

Located on the North Eastern part of Singapore being really close to Changi, the Pulau Ubin gives you a great chance to indulge in the life of Singaporeans. The people living in Pulau Ubin island are locals who did not choose this lifestyle because of being poor but simply because they love living there and working on their fields. The life at Pulau Ubin is very simple and it is great in its simplicity. Most part of the island is heavily forested and there are several tours going in the forests of Pulau Ubin which are rather suggested for those who get dressed appropriately and who have the natural curiosity toward the nature no matter if its creatures are sometimes turn out to be dangerous. Also, if you decide to take a tour inside the rainforest you will have to have if at least a basic knowledge on what sorts of animals live in the area of Pulau Ubin Island.

There are several sorts of boats and ferries, which have their timetable that you can look at and choose the one boat, which is the most convenient for you. The boat trip to Pulau Ubin takes about half and hour and in itself is so beautiful that it already makes the excursion to the island more than worth. The Pulau Ubin’s island has one main village, which is the most visited by tourists. Here you will find some nice sites and buildings, together with some shops and smaller restaurants too. The island together with the boat trip will make it a great idea to travel to this island. Pulau Ubin together with its neighbouring island are the ones which are located the closest to Malaysia and Indonesia’s Johore State and this way, from the shores of Pulau Ubin you will get to see the shores of both Malaysia and Johore too. The island is great for nature photographers and bird watcher too as it gives home to some of the rare Singaporean and South East Asian bird species.

Pulau Ubin Island is great for those tourists who would like to see more of Singapore. Also for those who have already spent enough time in the city to know it perfectly. An excursion to Pula Ubin is refreshing to do in the morning. Of course, there are several ways of transportation facilities that can take you to the Changi Port from where it is the nicest to travel to Pulau Ubin Island.

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