Rado Watches in Singapore

Rado Watches is a world famous Swiss watchmaker that had become famous for being the first brand to use scratchproof materials and it is well noted for its high quality watches. Rado produces about half a million watches yearly and counts as a watchmaker of high quality watches for a more eligible price than most luxury watches. Rado watches are sold in more than 150 countries in the world and in Singapore, you can find really great number of stores where you can take a look at Rado Watches. So, let us see a little history of Rado watches, their specialty and their main retailers and stores in Singapore.

Rado is one of the famous brands among watch companies. Every watch lover and fashionistas is aware of this brand. It is a luxury watch manufacturer of Swiss. The company was established in 1917 by three brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup in Lengnau, Switzerland. It began the company as Schlup & Co. which produced watch movements only. In 1957, the company launched its first watches collection and became Rado Uhren AG. That was the beginning story of one of the most successful and unique watch brand around the world. The first innovation of the company was the production of the world’s first scratch-proof watch in 1962 called Rado DiaStar 1, and it has been in production ever since. In 1968, the company became the member of the Swatch Group along with many famous watchmaking companies such as Tissot, Longines, Omega, and Breuget. Since the 1980s, the company has been using the high-tech ceramic which became a well-known identifier of Rado watches. The brand has been awarded many international design awards since 1990. It has received more than 20 elite international design awards such as RED DOT Award and iF Design Award. In 2004, the brand created a ‘high-tech’ diamond for use in watchmaking by transforming carbon into a nanocrystalline diamond with the hardness of 10,000 Vickers. The Rado VK10 is the hardest watch on earth that certified by the Guinness Book of World Record.

Their vision “if we can imagine it, we can make it, and if we can make it, we will” became their belief to turn their company into a world-class watch manufacturer. The company is focusing their production in pioneering the use of several unique materials within the watchmaking industry such as hard metal (tungsten and titanium carbide or the high-tech ceramics), ceramics, lanthanum, and sapphire crystal. With such unique materials and aesthetical designs, no wonder that the brand can be one of the leading watch companies around the world. Their core collections’ prices will range from US$ 700 to US$ 28,000. There are also models that include pave dials of diamonds and baguette diamonds which cost approximately US$ 30,000 to US$ 250,000 per piece. There are so many collections available for men and women.

The collections that are available are Mens collections, Women collections, Ceramica collections, Sintra collections, Integral collections, Rado True collections, Original collections, V10K collections, r5.5 collections, Centrix collections, Thinline collections, D-Star collections, D-Star 200 collections, and many others. They offer various beautiful and stunning models of watches and also various materials such as ceramics, high-tech ceramics and durable stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and titanium. The brand is always keeping up with the latest trends; their new collections are fresh, young, and modern. Their website also offers several applications for the iPhone and official company page on Facebook to make it easier for their customers who want to know more about their products. The company makes sure that their customers will only get the best products with great colorful collections and high quality materials which are always be highly valued for them.

From Switzerland, Rado develops their trade all over the world. Their main important markets are Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Middle East, USA, and several countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Nowadays, the company employs about 470 staffs in 31 countries, and they have more than 5900 sales points and 400 service centers spread all over the world. Asia as one of the company’s important markets, the company has several stores there. One of the destination countries in Asia to develop their business is Singapore. As a developed country in Asia and also one of the shopping destination countries, Singapore is a really promising market for the company to market their products.

Rado watches are highly available in the watch market of Singapore also because Asia, most notably South-East Asia is one of the main targeted markets of the brand. Other main markets of Rado Watches include Germany, Italy and the United States of America. Rado Watches was founded in 1917 under the name of Schlup & Co. Interestingly the brand was only dealing with the production of watch movements for quite a long time, which it delivered to watch producers who have built those into their watches. The first Rado Watches collection was released in 1957 under the name Rado. This was the Rado DiaStar the first scratch proof watch in the world. Rado Watches are part of the Swatch Group since 1983 together with Breguet, Blacpain, Glashütte Original, Omega and Longines, just to mention a few first class watch producers.

Rado Watches was always known of its innovative approach toward the style and outlook of their watches, this way it’s never been conventional, neither too traditional it was also Rado which first used hard metal and titanium carbide for the producing of their watches and also pioneered in watch making with the usage of ceramics, lanthanum or sapphire -crystal. The 2004 was a breakthrough year for Rado in which it has created the so-called “High tech diamond” watch naming it V10K. This watch is enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the hardest watch in the world. The outlook of Rado Watches really distinguishes them from other brands, their watches look unique, which has gained them lots of fans, together with many who prefer the more traditional looking watches. Rado Watches also has won lots of international watch awards thanks to the uniqueness of their watches in their design. The price of Rado Watches are much lower than of the traditional luxury watches, you can get a RADO watch from USD 700, but they have collections which cost much more as they are in the elite category of watches costing more than USD 250.000. The most known models of Rado include Cerix, Original, Ladies, DiaStar, Jubile, Sintra, Automatic, Florence and Ceramica.

Rado Watches are pretty liked in Singapore and there are dozens of quality stores that deal with this great brand. The main Singapore retailers of Rado Watches include All Watches Ltd., Dickson Watch and Jewellery, Watches of Switzerland and Geneva Time and their stores you can find along the Orchard Road, being the most popular shopping zone of Singapore. The brand has plenty of stores that you can find in Singapore such as in All Watches PTEL Ltd in Albert Street, Victoria Street, and Chinatown Point. They also have their stores in People’s Park Centre, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Peninsula Plaza, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore Changi Airport, Tampines Mall, Mustafa Centre, Serangon Plaza, and Marina Bay Sands. If you come to Singapore, you may have a great opportunity by visiting the amazing stores of the brand and make your best investment in high-quality watches with Rado.

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