Rovinj – One Of The Top Spot in Croatia

Included in the top ten tourist spot in Croatia, Rovinj is the most picturesque town located in Istria and a favorite place for tourists and travelers. With a walled town located in Croatia, Rovinj architecturally appears like the towns of Porec, Dubrovnik and Korcula. It is enveloped with sea along with the historic spots sculpt like that of Venice. With no certain season, travelers can experience the best of this town’s nature and climate.

There is a certain location in Rovinj where you can appreciate such beauty of nature that you can never see anywhere else. Try to mount above the roof of the bell-tower. It is the perfect viewing experience where the brilliance of nature and history flawlessly merge together.

Used to be an fishing port in Istria, Rovinj is now a made up of alleys and streets that leads to the harbour filled with boats used for fishing as well as boats for sailing. The town was frist mentioned in the 7th century, not as Rovinj but as Ruvignio-Ruigno. It has undergone several leaders throughout the times gone by. Most of the architectures were from 1283 till 1797, an era of Venetian domination. When the Venetian Republic fell, came next were the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Afterwhich, it was under the Italian reign from 1918. When the Second World War was over, Rovinj finally decided to be with the Yugoslavia.

Monuments that reminds of the Rovinj’s past are still well-preserved and became spots for picture-taking for most travelers. There are the Romaneque heptagonal baptistery built in 13th century, the monastery of the Franciscans together with the church of St. Francis from the 18th century (which by the way has a very rich collection of different kinds of manuscripts), the parish church of St. Euphemia built in 1736, and the town hall designed with the symbolic clock of the city to name a few.

Getting to Rovinj is never complicated. Although it does not have an airport of its own, you may reach Rovinj by passing through Pula first then have a connecting ride which is only 36 kilometers away. In case you have altophobia, bus routes are also available. From the towns of Rijecka, Pula and Zagreb, there are daily scheduled bus services going to Rovinj. You need not to worry about the accommodations. Since Rovinj is the place for the perfect vacation, numerous options for your resting place are available. You can choose from affordable hotels to the most expensive ones or private apartments and rooms.

Currently, Rovinj is not only a place to dwell on the ancient times and artifacts. The marvelous beauty of nature goes so well with all the activities you can do at the said town. When the sun is still hot, and you are tired of the usual walking on the streets, you can visit near beaches and do some diving, boating and canoeing. Some even offers an island hopping trip. At night, the pub houses, discos and moonlit dancing can finish a very tiresome day you had while exploring the city of Rovinj.

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