Sailing in the Beautiful Waters of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a tourists’ paradise, offering many varieties of entertainment for all types of people. This city is just next to the sea, so water sports like snorkeling, deep sea diving and sailing are very popular with both the residents and the tourists. Sailing is a great experience in Abu Dhabi especially during the season, from October till May. This is the time when a whole lot of sailing enthusiasts flock around the city’s exotic golden beaches.

Abu Dhabi is hailed as the ‘land of eternal sunshine’. This city enjoys tropical climate all the year round, so this makes it a great clime for water sporting activities like sailing.

Tourists seeking sand, surf and sailing find Abu Dhabi the perfect place. This city offers miles of clean beaches and unlimited opportunities for sailing. The crystalline clean waters are just right to go for a long sailing spin. You can see tourists populating all the beaches and indulging to their heart’s content in sailing activities.

Boat racing is another very popular sport after sailing. This is a spectacular national event which takes place in May every year. The traditional row-boat races are also very popular here. The Dhows which were used in the yore for sailing, still live on in the tradition of Abu Dhabi. The Dhows are old wooden boats that were used by traders and travelers in the past. Sailing on these boats is made possible today by improving on the design of the sailing vessel. The Dhows that are used for sailing nowadays have some modern amenities like communication, bathrooms and so on.

These quaint sailing Dhows are also raced on the Arabian Sea’s waters. Sailing events pull in great crowds of tourists interested in water sports. The unique thing about this sailing event is that each boat can hold about 200 sailors, rowing in rhythm to a sailing song.

Abu Dhabi offers not only great sailing opportunities, but also lets tourists enjoy scuba diving and deep sea fishing. The tourist goes sailing into the deep sea and gets to fish some exotic marine creatures. Sailing into the deep sea, tourists could even find some old ship wreck, thus adding adventure to the experience. Sailing trips also include romantic trips down to an isolated beach and dinner thereafter.

The Abu Dhabi Sailing Club was created in the 1960’s and offers great opportunities for sailing and other water sport enthusiasts. Here, new members can start sailing with them right away and those who wish to learn more about the art can be trained in the finer aspects of sailing. The more experienced the Club member is in sailing, the more he can get out of his sailing expedition.

The waters of the Arabian Sea are filled with exotic marine creatures like flying fish, cormorants and dolphins. Hence a sailing trip around these areas can give the sailing enthusiast great value for money! Offering so many opportunities for sailing, the city of Abu Dhabi is just the one if you are addicted to water sports and are looking for a fun-filled adventure trip!

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