Shopping At Changi Airport

Although we could not call Singapore’s one and only Changi Airport any ordinary shopping mall, the airport is indeed really special for its tons of shopping possibilities with several brands being only available here in the shops of Changi. The airport has a huge traffic of arriving or departing visitors and locals whose majority will at one point look around and shop in at least one store of Changi Airport. Let us see what makes the shopping possibilities of Changi Airport so special and what we can see here.

Changi Airport is one of the business airports in the world. Serving over a 100 international and domestic airlines, the national airport of Singapore has received several awards for its quality work and services. The airport is indeed a fun place to be. Not only can you find an incredible number of stores here, there is room for some entertainment too. The airport contains multiple playgrounds and even has its own movie theatre! Once you looked around at Changi Airport, you will find that there are not many airports that could compete with its quality services.

With this many services and attractions at Changi Airport, it is a challenge to find where exactly to start the whole enlisting of all the services that you can find at the airport. There are top brands, here, such as Hermes, Hugo Boss, Bvlgari or Bottega Veneta and you can also find great street-wear stores, gift shops, lifestyle and sport stores, such as the Tee House and lots of entertainment and stores for kids too. The food court of the airport, both outside and after the transit, is just great! You can have a premiere meal at restaurants such as the Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant or the Kim Choo’s Nonya Kitchen, where you can taste the unique local Peranakan specialties. You can find some of the best tea house of Singapore at its airport! Do not miss the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. For the best wines, you should not miss La Cave Wine Bar or taste a sandwich as Prima Taste among so many other places.

We can divide Changi airport into two parts: outside the transit area and inside. On the inside, you will find most of the primary brand stores and restaurants while on the outside, more attention is paid to those who need to spend sometimes a long time with waiting. You do not only find great stores in the area of Changi Airport, there are more specialties to observe here. One of these is the great gardens you can find, quite uniquely for an airport. You can see three superb gardens here – the Cactus Garden, the Orchid Garden and the beautiful Sunflower Garden. If you would like to enjoy the sight of some great flowing water, you should not miss visiting the Koi Ponds. The biggest specialty of Singapore’s Changi Airport is its Butterfly Garden. The Butterfly Garden is such an establishment that has never been set up at an airport. You can gaze to the wonderful tropical species of rainbow coloured butterflies. There is no better way to meditate and to relax.

Even more to the airport, you can find great spas and beauty centres here, which offer numerous face and massage treatment. These great places include The Ultimate Spa, My Foot Reflexology and The Fish Spa and Reflexology Centre. Singapore’s Changi Airport has numerous stations all around the airport where travellers can get foot and calf massages which is not only important but has really important medical means for all those having to stay in one position during flying, often for a longer time.

If you want to do some sports and to have a relaxing swimming, do not miss visiting the Rooftop Swimming Pool at Terminal 1. And if your relaxing or must do activity is connected to the internet, don’t worry as you can get free Wi-Fi in the whole area of Changi Airport. If you are travelling to or from the airport, do not miss exploring some of the above-mentioned great services of Changi Airport.

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