Where To Buy Trendy Furniture in Singapore

When it comes to Singapore, it is really the place to come when you want to buy just any sort of goods. It is not the great prices that play part in Singapore becoming one of the top shopping destinations but rather the huge diversity of goods you can get in here, arriving from every part of the world. The great thing in Singapore is, that there are so many people living here, also coming from all across the world that made the country’s shopping possibilities dramatically expand like almost nowhere else in the world. In our article, we will explore the shopping malls and best shopping places for you to go, when you want to buy furniture in Singapore.

Shopping furniture is not easy as there are hundreds of different styles of furniture to look for, ranging from antique to contemporary collections. In Singapore, you can get to find so many styles, many of which are diverse from what you can get to see in Europe or in any other continents in the world. You can get to find beautiful Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian furniture, tropical style rattan furniture and of course, such furniture too, which is well beloved all over the world.

When it comes to Singapore Shopping Malls in general, you don’t get to see so many of them which deals with furniture, however each one has its respective home-ware departments, where you can get to look around, when it comes to buying any sort of textiles, kitchen ware and all other sorts of home ware. Yet, if you seriously look for furniture then there are a couple of specialised shopping malls for you to visit. One of these is definitely the Park Mall that is located along Orchard Road and it is very well known for its great number and quality of furniture and interior design stores. You can find the most elegant international and local furniture stores in here, which also include kitchen and bathroom furniture. Some outstanding stores include Modern Living, the Gems Garden, Vivant Concept, Xtra and Natural Living. This is certainly a place to look around for those, who have plenty of money for furnishing their homes according to their tastes.

However there is another place in the row of shopping malls you should definitely visit, when it comes to furniture of all sorts and it is the Furniture Mall. Here you can get to find a great diversity of furniture, from bedroom to kitchen cabinets and a vast variety of interior design studios. Some of the biggest names include Cellini Kitchen, Country Furniture, Englander Gallery, Wynn Furnishing and many more. Furniture Mall is located close to Jurong East MRT Station, quite close to downtown.

Singapore has also been caught in the IKEA fever and IKEA has two locations in Singapore, with one being close to Tampines Mall, in the downtown area. Local popular furniture brands include Courts, Barang Barang, Wihardja and the Helping Hand. You can get to find their malls at several locations in the downtown of Singapore. If you look for antique furniture, check out the 13 to 15 Block of Dempsey Hill.

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