Shopping For Wedding Rings in Singapore

Your engagement has lasted for quite some time, and you need to step on the next stage: marriage. Taking care of your wedding yourself is quite challenging, but if it is not managed carefully, it can be pretty stressing. The party, the dress, and the set of jewellery are only the major categorization of your stress; not including the details that you should take care of. Choosing the right wedding rings can be a little bit tricky; it can be very easy and it can be a big deal, time consuming matter, and a stress trigger. So, to make your journey in finding the perfect rings for your wedding easier, some considerations should be made. Here are the things that you should pay attention on.

First thing first, consider on how much you will want to spend. Budget is important, since there are so many things you should prepare, wedding rings budget should be in the first list because the rings will be the symbol of you and your couple’s bound for as long as it takes. Simple, modest, and affordable rings will be okay if the two parties have agreed the decision. In Singapore, there are so many brands of wedding jewellery lines that people can choose. From the International brands such as Tiffany, De Beers, and Cartier to the exclusive Singaporean brands such as Sooke, Tian Po, and Poh Heng; the extensive brands of wedding jewellery are available in the city. Deciding a budget can go along with deciding the brand that you want to aim. If you want to have Tiffany, then prepare to buy the ring from the brand. For some people, it will include long time saving, and for some others it can be very easy to get it.

The next thing to think of is deciding what style of wedding rings you should choose. If the bride and the groom have the same taste, this could be very easy. The majority of grooms will have this experience as the unforgettable moment, since it can be the first time for them to buy jewellery for themselves. With the extensive classical traditional to the ultra modern style of rings available in the market, this task should be more challenging that it seems to be. Deciding the materials can be a good start; should it be gold, platinum, or silver? Should it be plain, ornamented, or jeweled with diamond or the other precious stones? Matching the choice of style with the budget is quite easy. People may go to Swarovski if they want the best crystal in the ring; Tiffany, Vivo, or Goldheart for the diamonds. Since everything about jewellery is available in the city of Singapore, finding the right kind of rings must be easy as flipping hands.

No matter what brand that a couple will choose, the quality of the rings should be the main considerations. Many reputable brands which are mentioned before are famous and guaranteed in term of their quality and exclusiveness of designs, so there will be no worries. Usually, the considerations of the wedding rings’ quality can be measured based on their 4C properties; the carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut. Those properties should be guaranteed so that the rings will last for a very long time, even longer than the ages of the couples themselves.

Some popular brands of wedding jewellery in Singapore which provide not only rings but also complete set of jewellery are for example SK jewellery, Sookee jewellery, Tian Po jewellery, On Cheong jewellery, Ling jewellery, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Larry jewellery, Goldheart jewellery, JL jewellery and Vivo diamonds jewellery. Those brands are attainable in many shopping malls in Singapore. Some shopping malls providing extensive jewellery boutiques with wedding corners are ION Orchard, Marina Square Shopping Mall, Takayashima Singapore, Knightsbride Mall, Vivo City Shopping Mall, and Paragon shopping centers. They are famous shopping malls which are considered the largest and the richest places providing the best products of consumer goods from local and international brands. Other than those shopping malls, some markets in Singapore also provide complex for jeweller to open its outlets. The thing is, shopping for jewellery in Singapore will never be boring. It will be very exciting!

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