Shopping Tips For Dubrovnik

One of the most admired tourist destinations in Croatia is Dubrovnik. Therefore, more travelers that comes and visit this old walled town, more shopping places should be open to meet the demands of the increasing number of souvenir enthusiasts. The majority of these shops are in business at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning and ends up at 8 in the evening. There are no typical night markets where you can bargain for cheaper price like the ones available in some Asian countries.

The popular industries in Dubrovnik are usually related to the Mediterranean ambiance of the town. Most of these fashionable items are sun shades, swimsuits and hats. Considered as one of the oldest hat factory that survived over the years (after all the bombings and different governments), Ronchi is the trendiest hat maker all over Croatia. Their designs are simply one of a kind and extravagant. This is the best purchased souvenir and the best item that would remind travelers that they once had a splendid moment at Dubrovnik.

With a very tiresome day after visiting tourist spots in Dubrovnik or you just had your rendezvous with the crystal clear water of the Adriatic, you might want to pamper yourself to get ready for a next exciting day while you stay at Dubrovnik. Don’t forget to make a way at Mala Braca and buy some skin nourishments such as lotions scented with lemons, menthol and jojoba to moisturize your hands and feet, and creams with rose and lavender to sooth out your skin.

If you don’t connect with fashion and trend, and likes to collect old stuff, then the antique shop situated at the foot of the staircase is the place for you. In case you’ll have a hard time finding the location, just look or ask for the Jesuit Church where the baroquea very staircase would lead you. You would be delighted with the fine antique items such as vases, glasses, kitchen wares and even jewelries.

For those who love to purchase works of art made from oils, colors and stroke of brushes, you can find wonderful creations at other antique shops spread all over Dubrovnik. There you will find paintings from the locals of Dubrovnik and other parts of Croatia.

There are numerous shops beside the Stradun. The largest bookstore in Croatia is located here called Algoritam and Algebra. Tons and tons of paperbacks and hardbacks are available and sold in several languages. You can also buy in this bookstore a really distinctive kind of mask with fantastic designs. The price varies depending on the style and design of the half-face mask you will choose, but usually 180 kuna is enough.

Home-made house furnishings can be bought from the local stores of Dubrovnik. Female residents’ source of income is their exceptional hand embroidered table linens. With various patterns comes various prices and commonly starts at $90 each. The table cloth usually comes in a pack with 8 embroidered table napkins included.

For small trinkets that you might want to give to your officemates, friends and other relatives (a modest way of envying them that you had the extremely wonderful holiday) you might want to check Lapad Peninsula and Gruz Harbour.

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