The Amazing Nightlife of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a place filled with awesome sceneries, excellent beaches, historical spots, and water activities which you can enjoy under the sun. But when it is already dawning, a new life arises at every corners and streets of Dubrovnik.

The Stradun at Dubrovnik is a great place to stroll even though the breeze is quite chilly. People still see this as a great meeting area that is why a lot was usually seen walking around Stradun, the main street in this old town of Croatia. Starting from 5 P.M. onwards, the buildings and walls around this little city are beautifully lit. This is the greatest time to sit in one of the numerous bars scattered around Stradun and look around at the people walking past. You will then see different kinds of persons, from well-behaved kids and teens, grown-ups, tourists to pretty faces of Dubrovnik’s locals roaming around Stradun. It is a town with people dressing up smartly so if you are shabby looking you sure will stand out. Cars and other types of vehicles are not allowed to pass the streets of Placa (other name for the Stradun), therefore, aside from passing people, chairs and tables are what usually occupies most of the space, which attracts passers-by to a drink or two. Although the streets of Stradun become congested with all the opened restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops, you can still find a great area for your viewing pleasure. There is also a tavern, located near the clock tower, which plays live music along with some folk dancing. However, with all the active night life at Stradun, bars and restaurants closes as early as midnight. After midnight, you can barely see people strolling around.

If you are not into upbeat rhythm then Trubadur Hard Jazz Café is for you. Soothing songs are played by the most talented locals of Dubrovnik and seats are always available without the hassle of being pushed or stepped-on by the crowd.

In Dubrovnik, there is also a club called Latino Club Fuego or known in its simple name Fuego – the most popular club and the best club in the whole Dubrovnik. It is not open every night, only every Thursdays (their so-called student nights happening from September to May), Fridays (they have special concert events), and Saturdays starting from 10 in the evening until 4 in the morning. This club usually has special happenings depending on the occasion celebrated at Dubrovnik. They organize events for St. Vlaho Day, New Year’s, Halloween, Carnival and the Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival Opening Night which they commonly perform every Saturdays throughout the year. The interior is very trendy which makes the people go back to this club again and again. They offer reasonable prices (the entrance fee includes one free drink), plays excellent music and full of friendly staff. There are no apparent dress codes for Latino Club Fuego. You can even wear flip flop, and some tourists even mentioned that nobody would even notice if you wear your birthday suit at Club Fuego.

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