Silver Jewellery Shopping in Singapore

Meet the whitest metal in the world that beat the shine of the more expensive metal: the silver. If in the science-fiction movies silver bullets may kill the werewolf; silver jewellery will melt the women’s heart if it is shot in the right target. Silver has gained its popularity as the most demanding semi-precious metal that has timeless white reflection and surface perfection. This day, silver is not only popular for woman, but also for man. In certain belief, man cannot wear gold due to the religious restriction. Instead, silver is the most preferable metal which is certainly legit for both men and women.

In some rare cases of gold allergies, silver can also become a more economical alternative for people who want to wear beautiful jewellery. If it is compared to platinum or gold, silver may have so many flaws and it does not look as sturdy as the other metals. Yet, silver has been proven to be the metal with the whitest brightness and it is very attractive to be used as jewellery. The silversmith and the silver artists are now in their way to make the most beautiful collections made of silver for every silver-lover. The extensive collections of silver jewellery in Singapore are provided by below manufacturers:

Autium Jewellery: Opening their boutique in Singapore, the company believes that the crowded jewellery market in the city will help it develop its flagship in the international jewellery business. Created with unique silver fusion technology, the fusion silver materials initiated by the company are very fine. With the vacuuming process to make the masterpieces of the company, the products by Autium are always great as they should be.

Heart to Heart Jewellery: Known as a leading jewellery company in Singapore, Heart to Heart is the one which specializes its business in trendy contemporary silver jewellery. The silver products from silver made by the company are not only jewellery, but also ornaments and accessories which will trap people’s heart with the beauty and the uniqueness of its every piece.

Peppy Silver: As a Singaporean jewellery manufacturer, the brand is quite popular for its collections of steel and silver jewellery. The designs and styles are highly various with complete sets products of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and many more collections made of silver. From the factory in Thailand, the distribution process has reached the international market covering Asia and the other continents. Eastern Discoveries: The modernity comes, but the antiques remains. The Singaporean antiques shop, Easter Discoveries cherishes the sentences by distributing wide range of beautiful antique silver jewellery. The antiques are popular because of their histories and stories. Mainly doing the business in online basis, the company develops reliable and responsible network of antique jewellery market with high reliability and accuracy.

Joy Jewellery: Firstly established with the inspiration of the beauty island, Bali, the founder of the brand initiates the most innovative and original design of silver jewellery. The passion has brought the company to its glory and it is now known as a leading provider of silver jewellery. Tiffany Co.: From the super power country of America, the Tiffany brings its flag to Singapore, the city of shopping. The coming of the brand to the city gives the place the largest collections of silver jewellery with undoubtedly prime quality of designs and materials. Exclusive, elegant, and romantic; that is all about Tiffany.

Either it is for personal collection or gift, silver jewellery is really perfect jewellery to have. As Singapore has so many jewellery stores and boutiques, finding the products will be quite easy. The famous Orchard Road should be the first destination. With so many shops selling all lifestyle and stylish products, there is no way someone cannot find a piece of silver product here. Other than that, in shopping malls Singapore there are also some jewellery corners which are worthy to visit. Imagine what kind of silver jewellery that you want to buy, set the budget and you may go to hunt for it. Silver is not less than gold; many says so and it is completely wrong. Jewellery choice is a matter of taste and people who choose silver have their own taste, with their own consideration and thought.

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