Sossusvlei Desert Camp

The desert region has its own mysterious charm. Miles and miles of sand and hefty dunes that stretch on into the horizon can be quite intimidating to the newcomers. The Sossusvlei in Southern Namibia is known for its gigantic sand dunes and the ancient river beds. To make this journey as a real as you want it, the Sossusvlei Desert Camp receives visitors to this region and helps them experience the Namib Desert in the best possible way.

Desert Camp is Sossusvlei’s most unique camp. With its location in the Taleni Africa private reserve it has captured the essence of the great continent. Not only does it have the dunes of Sossusvlei at its entrance, but is also surrounded by wildlife and camel thorn trees. With its strategic location, Desert Camp makes optimum use of its surroundings and invites people into its portals with tradition and modernity.

The camp has 20 cottages with twin beds and a wash basin. The rooms have a kitchen area which allows guests to cook their own meals. The utensils of course have to be hired from the reception itself. Raw materials like vegetables, meat, breads, butter and cheese, and beverages are provided in packs. There is two plate stove and plug points are available so that guests can use electric shavers and blow dryers. There is also a bar fridge under the kitchen counter. A family of four with children below the age of twelve can comfortably share one cottage. Each cottage of this Sossusvlei Desert Camp has a veranda and an outdoor parking space.

Desert Camp’s main area is a common space. It has a reception, a swimming pool, bar, a ‘Boma’ to socialize and public toilets. The bar has a television for news and entertainment. The swimming pool is a sight to behold. Set in the centre of the Boma, it is adorned with fountains and water jets. The Boma is the highlight of this camp. It is a cosy area complete with a fully functional barbeque hob. It is a perfect setting for guests to mingle in this idyllic surrounding.

The camp does not have internet facilities, but can use them at the Sossusvlei lodge which is just a few kilometers away. Guests can order meals from the Lodge too. Desert Camp is also equipped with a ramp for wheelchairs and has other facilities for disabled guests. Items like firewood and lighters too can be purchased from the camp’s reception.

Desert Camp expects its guests to report to the reception for the necessary formalities and instructions so that their stay is easy. Since this Sossusvlei desert camp lies in a wildlife reserve, wild animals can be spotted all over the area. The camp provides its own walking trail and guests are recommended to stay on the trail to avoid encounters with dangerous creatures like snakes, scorpions etc. With the red dunes a few steps away and the intense beauty of the wilderness encircling you, Sossusvlei’s Desert Camp is definitely the perfect launch for your very first desert experience.

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