Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge

The Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge is luxury at its best. It’s not just the luxury of the suites, but also of the amount of space and time you have for yourself. The Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge is a dream come true for those wish for tranquil surroundings and unique activities to recharge their batteries. Guests staying at the Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge can not only lie idle all day, but can also indulge in a myriad of fun activities and excursions offered by the region. The number of the things tourists can do is countless as the region not only has the Sossusvlei and the Sesriem, but also the endless Namib Desert, and the huge NamibRand Nature Reserve.

The tourists at the Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge can explore the wide expanses of the Namib Desert in desert vehicles or hot air balloons, turn wildlife enthusiasts when they spot animals like antelope, the mountain zebra, leopard, hyena and caracal, become birdwatchers by identifying close to 120 species of birds in the desert or just simply photograph the ever changing desert landscape of this area. If that was not enough, the hiking and trekking trails of the Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge along with trained professionals offer ample chances to track the terrain of the Sossusvlei, the Sesriem Canyon and marvel at the living desert and the stunning wilderness surrounding the lodge. Cruising in 4×4 vehicles is the best way to experience the Namib Desert and its massive sand dunes. Quad biking is also a highly recommended desert safari activity.

If you are not the adventurous type, nature can be experienced from the room itself with a highly advanced telescope. Since the lodge is in the midst of the desert, the sky is an ocean of stars and avid stargazers can watch the skies to their heart’s content.

The Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge has ten rooms in total, all done up entirely in glass and stone. The bathrooms are glass encased, offering a complete view of the 700 million year old Namib Desert with its massive dunes. The skylight above the bed emphasizes the modernity of the room. An outdoor shower is extravagance redefined. If the weather is too warm, the air conditioned rooms offer respite, while on cold nights the elegant fireplaces can be lit to keep warm. The desert villas are located a little away from each other so that the guests can enjoy their stay in solitude.

To make the guests feel even more comfortable and relaxed, the lodge has provided a natural pool fed with underground spring water. The company of books is always welcome for those want to unwind; therefore the lodge has a library stocked with a variety of books appealing to different readers’ tastes. The restaurant at the lodge provides the choicest of food and beverages. Guests can also step into the branded store and gift shop offered by Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge. A week here is all you need to get back your bearings and proceed with your life in full force.

The jagged mountains, the gigantic dunes and the flourishing wilderness surrounding the lodge are nothing but a means for the inner peace and harmony that guests come looking for.

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