Sossusvlei Wilderness Camp

The African continent is synonymous with wild terrain, vegetation and fauna and Southern Namibia is known for its great wilderness. The region of Sossusvlei is the chief area teeming with rugged landscapes, rough plants and rare wild animals. To walk amongst nature’s cruelest elements is not a child’s play, so Sossusvlei’s wilderness camps are just the thing for discerning visitors. These camps are nothing but a set of rustic looking huts complete with traditional furniture and modern facilities.

The most famous Sossusvlei wilderness camp is the Kulala Wilderness Camp. It is situated in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve. But guests can view the colossal dunes of the Sossusvlei from their rooms as well as the quiet yet strong atmosphere of the reserve. Since the camp is just at the outskirts of the Sossusvlei, every cottage promises a 360 degree view of the dunes. It also has a private entrance to the park on the Tsauchab River.

This Sossusvlei wilderness camp has ten huts with comfortable beds. Every ‘kulala’ or hut has canvas walls with wooden frames and a thatched roof and has an attached bathroom with top class facilities. A veranda on an elevated platform offer spectacular views of the Sossusvlei. A gravel pathway connects one kulala to another.

The main building of the Kulala Wilderness Camp is also built along similar lines as the huts. It is a two storied thatched building. The upper deck is the indoor dining area. Here guests can sit and relish their meals or they also have the option of stepping out onto the outer deck. The outer deck has individual tables and a few feet away is the lounge section which has cosy leather sofas and low coffee tables. The fully stocked bar is easily accessible from the lounge. The outer deck is the perfect space to relax and breathe in the evening desert air. The lower deck has a sparkling swimming pool, perfect to cool off after an adventurous day. Sun loungers by the pool’s side allow guests to bask in this heady ambiance.

The Sossusvlei wilderness camp in the Kulala reserve has a mouth watering menu. Guests can choose from freshly baked scones, hard boiled eggs, cold meats, cheeses, cereals, and yogurts for their breakfast or even order what they prefer. Brunch is served on a 4×4 excursion and a cold lunch is served buffet style back at the main building. Guests can enjoy a 3 course dinner in the indoor dining hall or at the outer deck while admiring the night skies.

Since the wilderness camp is situated near the Sossusvlei nearly all the activities are focused on the sand dunes, the clay pan and the nearby mountains. Sunrise and sunset drives are a part of the camp’s package. Guides make it a point to show Dune 45 or Big Daddy as it is nicknamed, since it is the largest dune of the Sossusvlei. On the drives wild animals like the springbok, gemsbok (Oryx) and ostrich can be sighted, though very rarely. If guests want an extreme experience, they can also go hot air ballooning and camel riding, but at their own cost as they are not part of this Sossusvlei wilderness camp’s services.

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