Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is among the most popular attractions to visit when you are in Singapore and interested in the Indian Hindu culture, as it is the very first Hindu temple of Singapore built back in 1819 already. The Sri Mariamman Temple still serves as the centre of Hinduism in Singapore and a very important social meeting point of all Indians who live in Singapore.

Sri Mariamman Temple was among the first temples ever built in Singapore, thanks to the high number of Indians arriving in the area of the country in order to find job. The temple made after the goddess Sri Mariammant has the role of curer in the Hindi mythology. The Sri Mariamman Temple has always had a double importance as being a place of worship for Hindu and being a social centre for all the local Indians. Moreover, importantly it was the only place for a long time where Hindus could marry and served long ago as an important starting point for all the refugees arriving in Singapore without food and accommodation. The temple was built upon the will of Naraina Pillai from Penang, being an important leader of Singapore. Sri Mariamman Temple is especially visited by the Indians arriving in Singapore from the Cuddalore and Nagapatnam regions of South India. Sri Mariamman is the goddess in the Hindu religion that has an important curing role in the Hindu mythology. Inside the temple, you will also find shrines dedicated to other important gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology such as Rama, Ganesha and Murugan, sons of Shiva and Kali. Draupadi shrine also has a very important role for Hindus during the Thimithi festival taking place around October every year lasting for more than a week and includes the religious fire-walking ceremony too which is really worth watching but maybe trying would not be as pleasant.

As there are many gods and goddesses in the Hindu mythology, this means that no Hindu temple neither the people of Little India are left to rest a lot before a new religious festival takes place there. The Hindu festivals are great, entertaining and very colourful; they certainly add a great extra for life in Singapore.

The Sri Mariamman Temple had been built following the South Indian Dravidian style, which seems especially on the exact style of its entrance gate (tower –gate) consisting of sculptures of the most dominating Hindu gods and goddesses. It also contains other, religiously important beautiful motives such as sculptures of some frightening looking beasts, which look quite mystical and serve as important motives for all Hindi believers. The sculptures have been specifically created in such way that they can enhance the feeling of height even more than the actual height does. Sri Mariamman Temple is the centre of several yearly festivals

You can find Sri Mariamman Temple upon entering the Chinatown district of Singapore by the Kling Street, therefore it is also known as the Kling Street Temple for many. You can enter the temple freely to look around. Before taking any photos, see if they are allowed or not. Always mind the dress codes.

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