Stylish Lingerie By Panache

In the recent 20 years lingerie design has become an art of design on its own thanks to pioneering work of brand such as Victoria’s Secret. Today, there are several smaller lingerie and underwear designing and producing brands that are growing and beginning to take the stake of their own right. This time, we would like to introduce you to one of these growing brands, which is called Panache. Panache is a UK brand that is starting to get international recognition thanks to its great lingerie designs and nice collection of underwear. This time, we would like to introduce you to Panache, its story, its collection and its availability in Singapore.

Panache was founded in the Eighties in the UK and it has become well known for its specialty for producing lingerie for women with the size above D. Today Panache has several collections offering lingerie, underwear and swimwear for women only. The brand is very popular for its perfect fit lingerie. Let us see the collections together with each one’s specialty of Panache today.

• Superbra by Panache: Superbra is the collection of Panache currently, which is specialised to provide the extra large breast customers with fitting bras. You can get extra strong support bras in this collection. Find bras at Superbra from DD to KK breast size. Superbra has about 20 different bra and panty sets with many of them changed seasonally.

• Panache Sport: Panache Sport offers strong fitting bras and sets created specifically for doing sports. This collection offers fitting bras between the size of B and H. Panache bras are said to provide 83% less bounce than other ordinary sports bras. With the great-fitting bras come perfect fitting panties as well in all sorts of different designs and colours.

• Panache Swimwear: Panache offers fantastic swimwear between the sizes of D and H and you can easily find here the best fitting style for you, no matter it’s about one-piece swimsuits to glamorous strapless swimming suits and different styles of bikinis. This collection is specifically for large breasted women who can choose styles which are either flattening or enhance the size of breasts just in the perfect way.

• Cleo by Panache: This is a fresh and colourful collection designed for the younger generation and everyone who likes fun colours and patterns on lingerie. This is a pretty large collection offering different designs from D to J cup sizes.

• Cleo Swimwear: following the latest trends in colours and patterns, this collection is just perfect for every young woman from D to J cup. Enjoy wearing the vivid colours while on the beach.

• Masquerade Lingerie: this is a great sexy line of lingerie for the elegant women. Overly feminine, featuring an extensive collection made out of great quality materials Masquerade comes in different colours and designs.

• Sculptesse by Panache: This is a specific collection containing flattening, figure shaping lingerie and underwear especially designed for those with a fuller figure. Find great underwear sets in this collection from D to J cup up to size 46.

Panache lingerie does not have its label store in Singapore yet; however, you can order and buy Panache online from the Australian site Zodee, from the international site of Bravissimo and the Australian site called Studio Europe. For more information on their delivery in Singapore, please visit their respective sites.

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