Take Part of Bahrain’s History

Can’t you get enough of history? Do you love to travel to a lot of historical places? Then Bahrain is a good place to start. It has played a key part in the history of the great civilizations in the Europe and Asia. So let me take you to a tour to the places of history that Bahrain is proud of.
The Kingdom of Bahrain has a rich history and culture. It has long been inhabited and has even been proposed as the site of the ‘Garden of Eden’, the place where human history started according to the Bible. It is a country island strategically located in the Persian Gulf wherein Islam is the predominating religion due to Bahrain’s long history with the Arabs.

During the ancient history, Bahrain has been the center of pearl trading because of its strategic location. In fact, it is one of best pearl diving sites in the region. According to history books, the Greeks called it Tylos, or center of pearl trading. They also have a ‘Museum of Pearl Diving’ building that showcases the history of Bahrain, its government, and its people. The museum is also a witness to the achievements of Bahrain in its legal and judicial foundation throughout history. You’re visit wouldn’t be complete if you don’t see the history told by this place.

Bahrain is also known in history as the first country in the Middle East to discover oil reservation in 1932. To commemorate this great part of history, The Oil Museum was inaugurated on June 2, 1992 to keep the great exhibits, photographs, documents and other mementos of the oil history of Bahrain. ‘Well No. 1’, the first oil well in Bahrain located below Jebel Dukhan or the Mountain of Smoke has also been preserved to be a part of their rich history.

There are other places that played a great part in the history of Bahrain. The Al-Khamis mosque along the Sh. Salman Road is one of the oldest structures of Islam history in the region. History and Archeology experts believe that the foundations of the mosque have been constructed as early as 692 A.D. There were minarets inside the structure that have been made in the 14th and 15th centuries. It is one part of Bahrain history you wouldn’t want to miss.

In recent history, excavations were made in Bahrain to dig up ancient structures that have possibly hidden under the dessert. One of the most successful excavations in history of Bahrain happened in the 1950’s to 1960’s when the Barbar Temple has been discovered. History and Archeology experts believe that there are actually three temples built on top of the other in that site. It is now a great spot for history lovers and those that wanted to find out more about the ancient life and history of Bahrain.

So to all history lovers out there, take part on the very rich history Bahrain has to offer. I’m sure you’d love Bahrain to be a part of your own history and see the many wonders that is uniquely it’s own.

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