Taste The Local Food of Bahrain

Are you looking for real mouth-watering food and drinks that are exotic alone to Bahrain? The country has much variety of food and drinks to offer to the insatiable and choosy appetite of the tourists. Have some tastes of Bahraini dishes like the combination of meat or fish served with rice called machboos. Grab the chance to taste the sweet rice served with sugar or dates which is called by the Bahraini as muhammar.

Experience the food that are Arabian in origin yet are guaranteed by the Bahrainis as with good tastes. Try the pita bread wrapped and rotating spit carved lamb or chicken, served in a bread chickpeas’ fried balls, pastry and samboosa.

Satisfy your interests in foods through Bahraini diet. Enjoy the serve of grilled, steamed, or fried Gulf’s fresh fish, Hamour. There are other local fish that can be served in accord to your preference and are famously eaten with rice.

In your quest to Bahrain’s food or rare delicacies, you may come across with Qoozi (Ghoozi). This treat is a grilled lamb with stuffed spices, onions, boiled eggs and rice. The well-dotted traditional flatbread, Khubz, baked in an oven, is also popular in Bahrain.

When you speak of Bahrain’s drinks, the best drink of all season that pops up to anyone’s imagination is the coffee, locally called Gahwa . Hence, your hosts may likely welcome you with their food and drinks specialty and the traditional drink for welcome is the coffee. Most of the well-bred hosts are putting out their dalla or coffee-pot and serve in finjan their coffee together with the other serves for drinks.

If you are looking forward to taste Bahrain’s pride drinks, do not leave the country without trying the ‘gahwa’, Arabic coffee. You will truly be refreshed. Its taste shall leave a special tang in your taste bud. When you’re done with the last nip of your drinks, gently shake the cup as practiced by many coffee drinkers and you’ll be surprised of the constant refills. Most of the hosts in Bahrain shall be well-satisfied after they serve you their drink delights. Hence, hardly forget to shake your cup once you have sipped the last content of your coffee to show that you have appreciated the taste of coffee and the other served drinks.

Do not be surprised if you are hanging around with some hospitable Bahrainis and they ushered you to Arabic coffee house for some drinks treat. The lanes of Bahrain are highly specked with coffee houses. Usually if you want to unwind and have some bites and sips of the country’s food and drinks, then you may drop in some of Bahrain’s restaurants. You will not only enjoy the sumptuous food and drinks spread but also the live entertainments.

Bahrain has countless exotic spices and delightfully flavored food and drinks. Do not miss their tastes or you’ll regret as the bitter consequence.

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