The Best Golf Courses in Mauritius

Before a single golf course was built, the sport itself and the island of Mauritius had something in common. Both feature in well-publicized quotes of the writer Mark Twain, who almost certainly had no idea that two of his most oft-repeated witticisms would prove to be oddly foreseeing. Of golf, Twain said: “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. Of Mauritius he was slightly more complimentary, famously writing; “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”.

The reason this is oddly prophetic is that golf and Mauritius are now synonymous with one another, with Mauritius seen as a golfer’s paradise. One cannot help but wonder what Twain, a denouncer of golf in general, would think of “heaven” becoming so!

However, the link is undeniable. Golf and Mauritius go together perfectly, with endless courses spread over huge portions of the island. This all fits neatly with the image of Mauritius as the ultimate destination for relaxation, with the odd round on the green fitting in between sunbathing and a meal at one of the stunning local restaurants.

Arguably the most popular golf course in Mauritius is the Tamarina Golf Estate and Beech Club. Here, a golfing fan will find 18 wholes of sumptuous perfect, with a championship par of 72. The course sits between the Mauritian mountains and the stunning beaches and sea, the course is around 25 minutes drive from the Mauritian capital of Port Louis. The course spreads itself over 43 hectares, over rugged savanna land and flawless greens surrounded by mature trees. Nearby, there is a clubhouse, restaurant and driving range.

However, the Tamarina is not the only course on Mauritius to boast an 18-hole championship course. There are three within the Belle Mare hotel complex alone, where play is free for hotel guests and a nominal charge for those not staying at the hotel. The courses feature lumps of volcanic rock, making it especially tricky for even the most seasoned of golfers.

For something truly exotic, there is the One & Only Touessrok Golf Course. This course sits upon it’s own island, divided by a coral lagoon from the main Mauritian island. It is the ace in the pack for Mauritian golf, offering an 18-hole championship course. The course itself is reached by a “golfing special” water taxi, which is caught from the mainland resort of One & Only Touessrok. Located off the east coast of the island, the course Touessrok is around 50 minutes drive from both the airport and the capital city of Port Louis, including the time taken by the golf taxi.

The aforementioned are only a glimpse of the golfing wonders available on Mauritius and it’s neighboring islands. 17 courses are available, which is quite amazing considering the small dimensions of the island itself. And, as Mark Twain would surely be glad to hear, the courses do nothing but complement the natural beauty of the Mauritian island.

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