The Best Nightlife Spots of Mauritius

Grand Bay, located on the northern part of Mauritius, is the island’s liveliest and the most tourist-laden area. It is lined with hotels and restaurants, and as night kicks in, is filled with the vibrancy of the island’s nightlife. First time tourists, however, should not expect too much energy from Mauritius’ night scene. The region is still pretty much conservative although the younger generation is slowly but consistently making changes; nightlife is therefore more active than a few years ago.

Discotheques and nightclubs are popular nightlife destinations. Stardance and Godz discotheque at Royal road, Grand Bay leads the pack, being the largest and the one with superb sound system. Those who are new to the music scene will most likely find themselves visiting this place. Those who have been exposed to other nightlife spots, however, may find the scene here just a bit too commercial. The Zanzibar, on the other hand, still on Grand Bay, is smaller and is a cross between a fun bar and a discotheque. Although the sound system is not as excellent as that of Stardance and Godz, Zanzibar attracts a number of clients who prefer hip hop and R&B. In some nights, the place is actually crowded with people, generally very young. The El Diablo night club, in the proximity of Stardance, is also a popular hang-out. The music is quite good, the atmosphere pleasant and comfortable (a relief for those who just wish to enjoy a drink at the bar), and the patrons generally behaved. Nightlife is also good at Buddha Bar, originally a fun bar, which has been converted into a nightclub. The music here ranges from fair to good although the sound system is less than average. Nevertheless, those who want to spend the whole night dancing to fresh and contemporary music will be quite satisfied with this place. The N-Gyone nightclub is another nightlife hotspot which boasts of a classy and elegant interior design with vibrant colors splashed on the walls. This, however, may be difficult to appreciate once the dance floor is filled with people. Musical talent is highlighted here so expect very good music.

There are those who might want a more quite nightlife or those who, after clubbing, may go for a night cap. Bars are perfect venues for these people. Banana Café is well-liked by both tourists and locals with its cozy ambiance and reasonable prices. L’Alchemy is also a good alternative.

Tourists wishing to experience nightlife with a local touch should watch the erotic sega dance on Trou aux Biches beach. The sega, introduced by African slaves during the French colonization, is Mauritius’ national dance and musical form. Women don colorful skirts and sway their hips to the pulsating rhythm of the Ravane.

There are also those whose idea of nightlife includes playing poker or spending time on a slot machine. Casinos have become more numerous in Mauritius. Most large hotels and resorts such as Le Saint Geran Hotel, La Pirogue Hotel, Berjaya Le More Beach Hotel, Meridien Paradis Hotel and Trou aux Biches also contain a casino. Casino de Maurice is the oldest in the island, while the Caudan Waterfront Casino at Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel at Port Louis is the largest. Most casinos are open until 4 am for slot machines and until 2 to 3 am for table games.

Usually, a resort or a hotel provides nightly entertainment to their patrons, so those who do not wish to venture farther from their resorts for nightlife will find the resort hotel parties a great holiday experience.

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