The Famous Victoria’s Secret

If you ever ask someone on what the most famous lingerie brand in the world is, for sure, the reply would be “Victoria’s Secret” in many ways, today’s lingerie industry can thank its success for this US brand the pioneer of lingerie designing in the world. In our article, we will explore what makes Victoria’s Secret so popular all across the world and of course, we will not forget about the mentioning of all the Singapore locations where you can get to find this outstanding brand.

Victoria’s Secret is the largest US retailer of quality lingerie being among the largest lingerie and underwear producing brands in the world. The brand has over 1000 stores in the US alone, and in the recent years, it has started its expansion to Europe and Asia with the opening of further company owned and further franchised stores. As per the critics, Victoria’s Secret had a huge effect in transforming the general concept on lingerie for both men and women.

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond and Gaye due to Ray not being able to buy a good looking lingerie for his wife at that time, which struck him as a surprise and a shock all in one, therefore he found out that they should try to come up with a couple of great designs of lingerie. Quite interestingly, Victoria’s Secret was a brand that in the beginning was concentrating more on men’s underwear and lingerie than of women’s. The first store of Victoria’s Secret opened at Stanford Shopping Centre in California however it has also started to sell its lingerie our of catalogues, which proved to be a huge business edge for the company later on. In 1982, the company did file for bankruptcy because of the impact of the company concentrated rather on menswear than on women’s lingerie. In 1983, Limited has bought up Victoria’s Secret and has revived the brand as the Nr. 1 lingerie brand of the United States coming up with a good selling and advertising strategy and a huge range of great designs that keeps the company famous still today.

Victoria’s Secret was the lone national brand in the US up to 1986. The brand has started up its expansion to be also present in the biggest shopping malls; however, Victoria’s Secret still works with catalogues in the same time. In 2002, Victoria’s Secret has created Pink, its lingerie and underwear line especially for students and the teenage generation (15-22 years). Victoria’s Secret is famous for its iconic fashion shows for this it works with a special selection of music, which was later also released for sales. The models of Victoria’s Secret are called Angels and the brand uses them for advertising campaigns and on its fashion shows.

Victoria’s Secret has opened several stores in Singapore and we can expect the opening of even more stores thanks to the huge success of the brand among women. Today, apart from their very first stores at Sentosa Resort World, you can get to find two Victoria’s Secret stores at ION Orchard. There have been gossips about Victoria’s Secret stores not selling any sorts of bras in their Singapore stores, since then we do hope this problem has been fixed.

Nevertheless, you can buy any lingerie straight from the website of Victoria’s Secret and you can try with the ordering in case you happen not to find something in their stores in Singapore.

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