The Most Popular Beaches of Croatia

Croatia is abundant in Mother Nature’s swimming pool. It is a country with a lot of beaches to choose from. You can even choose which beach to go to for a specific purpose. Loads of sand, sun and fun awaits everyone who can’t wait to dip their toe or get soaking wet in the clearest water in the Med.

There are tons of beaches in Croatia where a Blue Flag is given. Once a certain beach has been awarded by a Blue Flag, it means that it met certain strict standards and criteria on environmental management and of course the excellent quality of the water. In the Istarska County alone, there are 41 beaches that had received the Blue Flag award because of the excellent cleanliness. If you would like to visit all the beaches in Croatia where there are Blue Flags, it would take you more than a year and a lot of tan before you finish your beach-hopping.

Of course there are exceptional beaches that this country is proud of. Some of which are also Blue Flag awarded, some are not. Nevertheless, the sceneries, the facilities and the beach itself are fabulous. This includes Drazica Beach in Biograd, Benje Beach and Lokrum Beach located in Dubrovnik, Maslinica Beach in Rabac and Raduca Beach located in Primosten to name a few.

If couples are in Croatia for a romantic get away, there are also advisable beaches where to can go to. These are the perfect spots whether you’re celebrating your 25th anniversary or just newly weds. Because of its wide coastlines, it offers several secluded spots for that romantic surprise you’ve been planning all along. Take your sweetheart for a walk at the mesmerizing streets of Rovinj. You can also surprise her and pop the question she’d been waiting for, ask her hand for marriage while the both of you sits back and enjoy a captivating sunset at Vrbnik. After a vacation, finish it up with a dinner for two at the Rucica Beach where the spectacular moonlight sets as your romantic background. Other beaches where you can spend you unforgettable sweet escape includes Zivogosce Beach in Makarska Riviera, Baska in Krk Islad and Palmizana Beach in Hvar Island.

This beach-filled country caters shorelines for people who want to bare it all as well. Skinny dipping is very popular in Croatia especially for Germans and Dutch. Often times called as wild beaches, tourists or locals who opts to not wear their swimsuits does not need to worry about getting harassed. Places like these have signs saying “FKK”. This is the shortened term for Germans’ “Freikorperkultur” which means Free Body Culture. However, not everybody can go altogether at all clothing-free beaches in Croatia. They are sectioned into categories such as families, gays, females, adults or men’s nude beach.

Lastly, a beach can never be a real beach if there aren’t any water-activities that you can enjoy if you’re tired of simply soaking your body in the water all day long. Croatia beaches can also accommodate {activities} such as windsurfing, diving and loads more.

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