The Perfect Shoes For Your Wedding

Wedding is a special occasion in our lives, which means, both the bride and the groom would like to look impeccable on the very day they decide to connect their lives officially. Wedding dress and shoes industry is therefore one of the specialised fashion industries which always has a huge fan base and although offering a great deal of specialised clothes, both for sale which people cannot really wear at any time of their lives, the wedding garment industry is on the roll everywhere in the world. The situation is the same also in Singapore. People love highly romantic wedding here, which automatically gives the necessity of high profile wedding dresses and wedding shoes all the same. There are specialised places where you can find beautiful wedding garments and wedding shoes in Singapore and in case you would like to get married here, it’s time for you to get to know some of the most popular places here, when it comes to shopping wedding garments.

Wedding shoes basically fall under the category of event shoes, both when it comes to the brides and the grooms shoes, yet while grooms can mostly get away with an elegant pair of black leather shoes, brides must do a thorough search in order to find the shoe which is passing in style to their garments. When it comes to the best places for wedding garments such as wedding shoes, the first place we can offer you is indeed a website, which is called Sinderella. This website is among the highest visited places for brides-to-be, offering high-level wedding shoes, which include bridal shoes customised shoes, shoes for special events and grooms’ shoes. Their range of shoes starts with bright white and goes further down on the colour palette providing wedding shoes in every colour of white, beige, pink and even red. As for grooms shoes they have a nice variety of black and even white leather shoes in different styles.

Other great places for wedding shoes are Singapore’s department stores and great shoe stores from among which we would like to highlight the following:
• Anna Nucci: quality wedding shoes located at Harbourfront Centre Ground Floor and Far East Plaza
• Essex Walk: located at Palais Renaissance along Orchard Road
• Darling Wedding Shoes located in Parkway Parade

The most popular department stores in Singapore, which include:
• Tangs Department store along Orchard Road
• Robinson
• Isetan Scotts
• Takashiyama
• City Plaza Level 2

These you can find along Orchard Road, with the exception of Robinsons located at Raffles Boulevard Shopping Mall in the downtown of Singapore.

The above-mentioned stores have some of the very best collections of bridal and wedding shoes in a great variety. In addition, several of these stores are in cooperation of wedding dress providers, which means, you do not have to worry about your wedding dress either, once you visited one of these stores and department stores of Singapore, in search of wedding shoes. Singapore is a great romantic place for getting married and offers high quality wedding shoes, dresses and other accessories to make the wedding the most beautiful day of the couples’ life.

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