The Perfect Wedding in Aruba

There is nothing more romantic and remarkable for a couple than a chance to be with each other in a place conducive for expressing the desires of the heart. Indeed, Aruba has been known to be a perfect arena for lovers to be together and exchange their vows in marriage and spend the best time as husband and wife. Weddings and honeymoons are special events engaged in by different Aruban tourists. Lovers come far and wide just to experience romance in the Caribbean islands.

If you want to give your partner the best wedding in this world, try out Aruban wedding packages that include the services of a photographer, catering services, venue options, religious considerations, bridal gown and wedding lingerie shopping. Aruba is rich with properties that will let you and your visitors enjoy the picturesque natural resource. There are a lot of locations you might want to choose from. The baby Beach is intimate and is located in the southern tip of Aruba. This are takes pride of a beach rendezvous away from the public eyes. The Arashi Beach is on the opposite north, a good snorkeling site and is popular for its ability to lure visitors with its dazzling waters. Just from the Arashi way east is the Boca Pins where you can find exotic sand dunes.

Married couples in Aruba did not just settle in choosing areas near the beach. Some weddings are done along a coconut grove which provides a scenic island view known as the Andicuri. Adventurous couples may also want to try out a place that once accommodated the early island pirates. The Spanish lagoon is a secluded clove perfect for exchanging wedding vows. But the most romantic site ever and maybe the most remarkable is a wedding done under any of those divi trees which Aruba is known about.

Food and drinks is not a problem. You can serve your visitors with a lot of choices of international recipes and cocktails. The real consideration in every Aruban wedding are the documents required in getting married. Before you settle for other details of the event, you and your partner should see to it that you have provided the copies of your birth certificates with an apostille or with a state certification, valid state issued ID or the passport, two witnesses and their valid ID and passport, single status report or the certificate of no impediment, first and last page of the divorce decree for divorced parties and certificate of death for widowed parties.

If you are opting for a Catholic wedding, you can choose between the St Anna Parish Church and the St, Franciscus Parish church. Both Catholic churches require the couple to attend pre-marriage seminar, permit to be wed in the island which can be secured from the priest, baptismal and confirmation certificates along with valid ID and passport, and a copy of their wedding certificate if they have been legally married in their own country. The documents should be submitted within four months before the wedding date and the couple should understand that all ceremonies are done within the church premises.

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