The Popular La Perla Lingerie Brand in Singapore

Over the past decade, the art of lingerie design has gotten a lot more coverage than before. Although from the general point of view we do not wear lingerie for it to be initially fashionable, however it is important for every woman to wear such lingerie which make her feel good, especially, when it comes the supporting and shaping effects of a good quality lingerie. In our article, we will focus on a very special lingerie and underwear brand coming straight from Italy called La Perla. La Perla has become increasingly popular and widespread over the years and today you can find its stores in all the bigger cities of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Now let us see where to find La Perla stores in Singapore.

Quality lingerie is important for every woman in order to feel confident, comfortable, and sexy and in case of specific lingerie giving a great help with shaping all in the same time. Not too long ago, there was just not enough attention on lingerie designs, yet today lingerie design has become a great business on its own and more and more lingerie brands are offering special lingerie and underwear growing popular internationally.

La Perla is coming from Italy and it is among the first Italian lingerie and underwear brands that could gain a wide amount of international attention. Founded in 1954 by Asa Masotti, the birthplace of La Perla is Bologna, Italy. Ada Masotti was a corset maker at that time. Corsets were a much-needed part of a woman’s wardrobe for centuries. This accessory which had had ultimate deforming effects on women’s body was indeed a real masterpiece to be done and designed a piece which must have been highly customised for every single woman and the effect of which can still be felt when it comes to body shaping lingerie and extras for women. As we all know, lingerie and swimwear were always walking hand-in-hand; therefore, it is no wonder that the first collection of Mrs. Masotti’s La Perla was in fact a swimwear collection that she released in 1971. La Perla brand had initially opened as a swimwear company that later on started up with the designing of lingerie and underwear or men and women. The brand started its expansion to other countries and then later on to other continents in the Nineties. JH Partners LLC bought up La Perla in 2007. The company today is popular as ever and has a growing collection of lingerie and nightwear.

As for its collections, La Perla has three core collections called La Perla, Nero Perla and Studio La Perla. Out of the three Nero Perla is the one that contains men’s underwear and sleepwear collections. Studio La Perla is representing the most comfortable section of La Perla lingerie while La Perla contains the more elegant collections of the brand that are often seasonal. Special collections are often released by La Perla such as its special Gaultier Collection that was made with the assistance and plans of the great French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. All La Perla stores offer sleepwear, lingerie, underwear and swimwear. La Perla also sells all its goods online on its website.

La Perla is a popular brand in Singapore and you can find its stores at several locations. These locations include the following:
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
• Takashiyama Department store inside Ngee Ann Shopping Mall
• Changi Airport Terminal 3

With La Perla being a popular brand its prices are also considered slightly higher than the price of the average lingerie; however, it all comes back with the great quality and design of its great lingerie. If you look for something cosy, classy or sexy for lingerie, underwear and swimwear do not miss visiting the quality boutiques of La Perla in Singapore.

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