The Top Must See Attractions of Bahrain

Who would not be enticed of the amusing blend of Bahrain’s Western expediency and preserved Arab way of life? Many would not want to overlook Bahrain’s attractions in their travel itinerary especially in witnessing these attractions that are good mixture of the historic times and the present era. This country is one of the most reachable nations in the Persian Gulf region. Hence, its accessibility leads to the uncovering of Bahrain’s traditional attractions. Any tourists would surely enjoy the attractions while sailing a lateen-rigged vessel or ‘dhow’ and experiencing the good buys in a ‘souk’ or marketplace attraction. Despite the absence of spectacular attractions in Bahrain like majestic ruins, the magnificent Arabian Desert and the cosmopolitan panache of Dubai, this still has its promising and incomparable must-see attractions.

Bahrain is an archipelago in the Persian Gulf and has often been referred to as the Pearl of the Gulf. The archipelago of Bahrain comprises of 33 islands spread over an area of 707 sq km. The Kingdom of Bahrain is named after the largest island, Bahrain. Bahrain is connected to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd Causeway, which has been described as an engineering marvel. Bahrain is an important tourist location and there are a number of important and interesting destinations.

Here are few of the attractions that you should not neglect in your visit in Bahrain:
The Souq. Experience the plethora of aromas, colors and sounds through a trip to the soukh which unveils the attractions. You may think of bringing home some souvenir items from wares, colorful and highly quality cloths, jewelry items and other local products. Your mere visit in the Souq can satisfy your eyesight of the vibrantly tinted display of vegetables and fresh fruits attractions. The natural perfume of herbs, nuts and spices shall please you and might even tempt you to purchase some.

The Gold Souq. Bahrain is noted for its hallmark and 21 carat gold. From afar, the golden jewelry is a good attraction that shall inspire you to purchase traditional Bedouin designs of your picked style. The modern European jewels are also available in the Gold Souq. In your visit to this attraction, don’t lose the chance to avail the jewel piece of your preference for your collection because Bahrain gold is worth more than its name.

The Cloth Souq. If buying new and of good materials wardrobe is your passion, you may stroll around the cloth souq attraction and you’ll surely pick the one that you desire. The mere sightseeing of the displayed silk, cotton and wool of different textures, colors and origins can catch your breath and is one of the best attractions you can see firsthand from the Souq.

Siyadi House. Take a look at the fine textures of this 19th century built house. You would surely admire the attractions from the stained-glass windows, ornate ceilings, the interior designs, the reception room and the other features that you may find out in and outside the house.

Al-Khamis Mosque. Even though you are just driving along the Sh Salman Road, you would surely be impressed of the eye-catching attractions from ancient mosque with twin minarets. The mosque is profound in historical accounts. This one of the oldest Islamic relic attractions is believed to have been founded in 692, yet some acclaimed that it was during the 11th century.

Bahrain Fort. This fort has become known for the unveiled excavations of relics. You’ve got to visit this place of attraction and see through your own eyes the site’s first dwellings.

Barbar Temple. This three-temple attraction, stone-built is much-admired as a venue of worship for Enki, the God of Spring Waters. Many visitors, who drop in this attraction, hardly neglect to see the sacred well that supports the claim of generations of people. Whether the assertion toward this attraction is fact-based or not, you may just direct yourself in revealing the sacredness that envelops the temples.

Museum of Pearl Diving. This historic building attraction is the first Bahrain’s official center for the Courts. If you want to uncover the civil law and regulations’ historical accounts of Bahrain, the legal foundations can be witnessed from this building. This regarded Traditional Heritage Center attraction has much to unfold to interested tourists.

Pearl Diving Museum is one of the landmarks of Bahrain. It is located within the Traditional Heritage Center.

The Bair Al Qu’ran is a building that was built to accommodate a valuable collection of the Holy Quran and manuscripts. The building also houses a library, a mosque, an auditorium, and five exhibition halls.

Another of Bahrain attractions is the Tree of Life is a mystique tree that stands all by itself in the desert about 2 km from Jebel Dukhan. The tree provides welcome shade, but the source of water for the tree is a mystery and is still unknown.

The Oil Museum is located near ‘Oil Well No. 1’ and it contains captivating drilling equipments, documents, old photographs, and a working model of an oil rig.

Riffa Golf Club: This club covers a length of 24 hectares and has landscaped shrubbery and palms and gives a feeling of tropical environment. The golf course is on par with international standards.

Bahrain has other highly remarkable attractions which you should never overlook. The promising {5 star hotels} are spectacular in their designs and facilities. Discover by yourself what other attractions are awaiting for you to experience.

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