Top Outdoor Activities in Croatia

Being blessed by rich thousand dazzling islands, Croatia had always been a home for outdoor fun especially when it has something to do with the country’s crystal clear water. This is the reason why travelers choose to stay at Croatia and it is being recognized as the perfect holiday destination. The climate, which is usually warm and very Mediterranean, combines perfectly with the beaches that tourists and locals have always wanted to enjoy.

To definitely enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Croatia, you should not fail to have a cruising trip in the Adriatic. The traveling usually takes a whole week but every day is a different location marked with its own exquisiteness. The crisp clear water allows you to unwind and be marveled by the amazing magnificence of nature. While sailing, enjoy the happenings inside the cruise such as culinary attractions and night parties. Most ships also have its own swimming pool so have fun dipping at the water and don’t forget to use tan for that nice sun mark.

Marinas are well-preserved in Croatia. If you are awestruck by what you see at the top, you will be more captivated once you see what lies beneath the clear water of the Adriatic. There are more or less 25 diving sites in Croatia and you can be there by 30 to 40 minutes. You can be 30 meter deep to see a very clear visibility. There are a lot of striking coral reefs and extraordinary caves underwater. What’s even better is that you can swim along with the remarkable Mediterranean species perhaps some it are those you haven’t actually seen before. But of course, you can never dive deep under without a professional diving team to help you, especially if you are an amateur at this activity. Children, as early as 10 years old, are not allowed to dive unless they are part of the PADI Junior Open Water Diver. However, there had been some recent diving regulations proclaimed by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communication. Tourists and even Croatian citizens are not allowed to dive unless one holds a professional diving license. This is to protect the divers as well as to preserve the marinas along the Adriatic Sea.

It is not only in the water where outdoor sports can be experienced in Croatia. Because of the well-sculpted land, you may also enjoy the thrill of riding a two-wheeled vehicle. There are areas open for bike rentals for tourists. The slower you ride, the more you would enjoy scenic views that you think you can only see on wallpapers. The bicycle route varies depending on the level of difficulty for riders.
Croatia is not only abundant in water but mountains as well. It caters climbing routes from the traditional multi-pitch to the extreme sport climbing. Its glorious rocks and limestone is the dream for every climber to reach. Winter and autumn seasons are not the advisable times for hiking. The passing hard bora-wind makes the mountains extremely difficult to climb. The most special climbing spot is the Vela Draga where unique amalgamation of water and wind creates distinctive rock formations.

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