Tourism in Aruba

Aruba is one great destination if you are thinking, its worth the money you are spending. This island has been especially crafted naturally and enhanced by human ingenuity to offer the best of nature for weary, tired and stressed out travelers seeking for rejuvenation and moment to relax and unwind. From travel, accommodations, activities and special packages, airlines and hotels have been working out hard to make Aruba your second home upon arrival. Travel to Aruba is not taxing. All you have to do is secure a passport or a visa based on the requirements set by the U.S. Department of State.

Aruba Island is not large. It is very easy for tourists to go around. From the Queen Beatrix International Airport, you can begin your tri to different bars and restaurants, hotel and beaches for your vacation adventure. You can catch the bus running in between the hotel strip and the bust station located in downtown Oranjestad. A scooter or a rented motorcycle can be available for those who don’t want to ride the bus. These kinds of vehicles will bring you to any point beyond the downtown area. If you want to reach rocky and unexplored terrains in the suburb, then you can rent a 4×4 for smoother ride. For most people who are in the island for business trip, luxurious motor roaches are available to pick them up from the airport towards their destination within Aruba.

Once you opt to rent a car or any other kind of vehicle and you decided to ride on your own, then you must know certain Aruba driving policies to refrain from meeting hassles on the road. Arubans are used to driving on the right-hand side of the car. Usually, ca r-rental companies require drivers above 21-25 years old and below 65-70 years old. If your age goes beyond such requirement, you may want to hire an Aruban driver who is definitely trained to tour visitors around the island. Foreign drivers need to have an international driving license which is being held for two years already.

Aruba vacation also includes accommodations and fun activities. Hotels are usually divided into two kinds which are the high-rise and the low-rise. Low rise hotels are found just within the downtown vicinity while high rise hotels are situated afar. If you want to have your second home in Aruba with surrounding fragrant gardens cascading waterfalls and exotic lagoons, then you can lure on the island’s most luxurious hotel called the Radisson Aruba Resort, Casio and Spa. This is considered as Aruba’s sparkling oasis that gives you a view of the island’s warm ivory beaches.

Tourists and visitors love Aruba not just because of its natural beauty but also because of fun activities which are entailed as they enjoy in the warm waters. Nightlife and restaurants are gleaming from sunset while scuba diving, snorkeling, wading, swimming and other endeavors highlight the tourism world during daytime. Enjoy Aruba attractions today as you get yourself into a flight that will give you one memorable experience.

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