Traditional Indian Jewellery in Singapore

Jewellery has been a part of high human culture since a long time ago. The art of making jewellery is transferred through the ages by the ancestors to be one of the significant cultural legacies in certain societies. Among so many nations which have superiority in jewellery making, India is in the top list. Indian jewellery is uniquely famous for its richness in designs and varieties. The fond of Indian women toward jewellery makes the tradition of jewellery making in India keeps growing. In addition, the obligation of jewellery’s presence in every Indian ceremony, such as wedding, keeps the jewellery business in India alive. The popularity of Indian jewellery makes it very demanding, even in the other countries. Singapore, the centre of lifestyle and the hot spot of shopping lovers, has opened its market for jewellery from India. There are many products of Indian jewellery available in the city and it is sold in particularly competitive price.

Gold is the most common material to be made into jewellery by the Indians. Gold always becomes the prima donna and integral entity in Indian wedding. It is not only the married couple who will wear the gold. The guests are also assumed to wear gold as the obligatory part so that they will not be looked down among the crown. Gold jewellery for the bride is also special jewellery made for the wedding ceremony. There are also gifts for the bride, the jewellery which is handed from generation to generation. The jewellery is usually designed in antique style and ornaments. The design carries high aesthetic values and exciting attractions. Some of the typical products of jewellery from India are listed below.

Indian necklaces have some varieties of design. There are the type of princess necklace, long necklace, and choker. Each type is usually worn for a specific occasion. A woman’s taste also determines the decision to wear any of them. Gold is still the most common material for necklace, as the variations depend on whether or not the necklace uses precious gemstones as the decorators. The irreplaceable kind of necklace is mangalsutra, while the other alternative can be meena and kundan. In the past time, plain but engraved jewellery was the most popular one. Now, since there are many unique gemstones discovered, Indian necklace is being influenced by the touch of modern beaded design. The classic designs are still popular for its ancient property, but the modern design is also gaining its popularity.

Special day should be celebrated with special jewellery; the bride in her marriage day gets the best earrings. The Indian marriages in the past centuries did not include diamond jewellery in the menu, but nowadays diamond earrings are very common. Earrings for bride are usually huge earrings with beautiful ornaments in very high Indian culture designs. Not only is the earring that is special in this day, the nose ring is also special. Since the Indian women’s noses are usually pierced to enhance their beauty, there are also special nose ring for wedding occasion.

The typical Indian women’s appearance is wearing some bracelets or bangles in their wrist. Since bracelets is very popular, there are many products and variations of Indian bracelets available in the market. Not only precious metals and gemstones which are demanding in the society now, but the imitation ones are also gaining its popularity. Gold, diamonds, pearls, and the other precious gems have been part of Indian popular tradition, but the semi-precious products such as sterling silver, titanium, garnet, topaz, and amber take the place as demanding jewellery materials these days.

To find Indian jewellery in Singapore is not that difficult. The attraction of Singapore as the city for shopping and doing business has tempted many Indian entrepreneurs to come to the city and do some businesses. Little India is of course the right place to hunt the unique and classic jewellery with Indian ornaments. It provides high quality and selected designed products from reliable manufacturers. The other places to go are the shopping malls and jewellery boutiques along the Orchard Road or Bugis Street. All of the products are positively good for merchandise or gifts for your beloved ones who love to have ethnic jewellery such as Indian jewellery.

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